1. FairyFace

    What is your favorite kind of tea?

    Hello there, tea addict Alice here! <3 Lets take a little poll here, what is everyones favorite kind of tea?  Feel free to be as specific as you want! For me, mine is lavender tea!
  2. D

    Here to talk and/or play games :3

    I want to talk to some kin/therians cos I don't know that many, you can talk/play with my through these: Kik: iamthedoge Xbox live: neweragirl2001 Facebook: Mysïc Aüra (I spelt mystic wrong) Tumblr: Dragonkin-Gemini (II only give my Skype out to friends)
  3. Naia

    Major Update (07/18/2015)

    We have introduced yet another update to the site, yay! This is a relatively major update that fixes many bugs, improves security, and adds a wealth of new features to the site. We have updated the core Xenforo software which powers the site to latest version, and we have added some extra tweaks...