1. L

    Music in the otherkin community

    Hi! I am currently a music student and have been thinking a lot about how music functions in different communities and how people use it to connect with one another. I am kind of new to the otherkin community and have been wondering what role music plays in this group. I have tried to find...
  2. feuspun

    Any Divinekin folk here?

    Are there any Divinekin/Angelkin/Godkin here? I’m looking for fellow Angels and Gods to chat with
  3. Gryff

    A Newbie's Guide to Otherkin Forums

    One of the first things I tell people when I join an otherkin forum is that I've been part of the online kin community for a long time; in Internet terms, that means about 15 years. This isn't just to stroke my ego; I want to make sure people know that I speak from experience. I've been in many...
  4. Cipher

    Common Biases

    This is meant to touch on some common biases I see crop up a lot on tumblr, new otherkin, etc. Note that 'bias' doesn't necessarily mean a heavily slanted extreme opinion, but often just an illogical opinion that an argument should not be based on if it wishes to stand firm. Bias is building the...