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Found 1 result

  1. If you can't handle people judging others, or disbelieving others, then you shouldn't read the following. ------------- I spent a long time thinking about how to word this thread, it's been a while coming, and I literally just spent 30 minutes staring at a blank text input thinking up how to word this so I don't seem like a jackass, but then that very thought became the catalyst for what I was feeling. If you don't automatically believe everything everyone else says, you're suddenly treated like you're this inferior, barbaric, and badly judgmental person. I lurk, and read, and lurk some more, compiling information, and judging it based on what is presented. I don't respond to many things because I do not believe in what's behind them. Unfortunately, that's creating an atmosphere around me that I cannot speak my mind, or how I feel in case I am rude, or marked a troll and banned. I am afraid to even make any debates or counterpoints out of fear of being banned for stating an opinion, even in this subforum. And it makes it so I can't ask questions, I can't try to figure it out, because if I say anything about my beliefs then the passive aggressive aura comes into play, this subconscious display of superiority over someone who's beliefs are contrary to the popular, where obviously they can't understand it, they aren't open enough, or they aren't kind enough. I am not going around telling people that they can't believe what they believe, but there seems to be this prevalent attitude that one cannot disbelieve someone because that would make you a hypocrite, or that you can't tell someone who they are. I believe that one of the reasons the community as a whole is ridiculed is because anyone could claim something really weird and outlandish, and well, if you judge them you have no right to do so, because you can't tell them what they are and are not, and anyone who judges anyone is this backwards person who just doesn't see the light yet. I don't believe in mean-spirited trolling, or harassment, but I understand why many people don't accept us. And I can't fathom how others don't see it. Perhaps it ties in with many of my other opinions, many of which others will claim are harmful or misguided. Or something along those lines. Maybe it's because many people just use really vague theories about something, and then use those vague, and ill-defined theories to justify something that, to me, seems completely illogical. Maybe it's because for all my spirituality, I also believe in the psychological explanations behind what we experience. Sure, some would claim my beliefs are the same way, and guess what, I don't care! I know me enough to be secure in my beliefs. If they question me, I'll answer them honestly, and if they don't believe me, well then, that's that, doesn't mean I have to dislike them, or that they just wouldn't get it. I've been friends with people who have incompatible beliefs in contrast to mine. And we used to discuss it, because we all thought it was fun, and built communication. But in the Otherkin community, there's this vibe given off that you must police what is said, because it could be hurtful. I think that attitude is ruining social interactions as a whole, as well as growth, and emotional maturity among those who partake in this misguided form of thought control. If you can't handle someone voicing their opinion that "you're wrong" or that that's delusional, then well, I don't believe you've grown up fully yet. If your beliefs are so ingrained, and central to your being, then others disbelieving your claims shouldn't matter, as it's not going to change, and claiming its so hateful is not only childish, it's downright wrong to claim so. Especially on the internet. The internet is NO ONES safe place, and if you think it should be, then, unpopular opinion, you need to get off of it, because you're going to be in for a sore awakening. Tell me why not being open minded to the point of having one's brain fall out is a bad thing? Why is doubting the veracity of others claims suddenly considered a sign of the unenlightened. Tell me why, with that attitude, any line should be drawn? When does the line end? When does it start? Why is it such a bad thing to have in the first place then? Tell me, because I sure as hell don't get it. Addendum: I absolutely hate when Otherkin, Fictionkin, and especially Therians (I've noticed it the most in Therians) talk shit about Humans. Or act like humans are all evil. Like, sorry, you might not like it, you might not agree with it, but that doesn't change the fact that you are human. You might not wish it to be so, but it is the truth. Scientifically speaking, biologically speaking, neurologically speaking it's the truth. And by denying that truth, you are stunting your own growth as a person. And just because you are human doesn't mean your beliefs have to change. So your past life wasn't human, okay, so in a different world you're not human, sure, but in this one, as unfortunate as it may be, you are human, and there's nothing wrong with that. And I will die on this slope, but MOST minors these days who join this community are misguided, peer pressured into it, or are doing it for attention, or affection.
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