1. Ravenna Freyasdottir


    This was inspired by @sidereum angelus and will be another WIP Wolf memory: my first hunt. I was a juvie, still learning my place in the formation. My father led us in a charge at a small group of deer, and we singled out an old buck with a lame leg. Mom took me and a few other juvies to run...
  2. Ravenna Freyasdottir

    Stuff I do when I shift

    Hola, Ravenna here! Feeling better by the way. Just needed some time to chill. ON WITH THE BLOG! So I have two main kintypes (may later have more, who knows) but there are very specific things I do when I shift into either. I was inspired by today's cambionkin shift to do this post. Wolfkin: I...