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Found 1 result

  1. Imagine the Grand Universal Source as a big bright light. Then you hold up a prism and the light spreads out as a spectrum, a vast rainbow that goes far beyond what the human eye can see. Imagine that those colors make up the many various gods and spirits. And one of those colors is mine. That's my kintype, right there. Yeah I know colorkin isn't really a thing, and this is a metaphor anyway. I'm a spirit being made up from that particular source energy. Different energies affect the world in different ways, like how sound waves bounce the sand around on Chladni plates--they have a tendency to produce certain patterns. It just so happens that someone rather famous is also made from the same color that I am. From a certain perspective, we are the same. We are one being, closer than family. Of course, a further argument can be made that all the colors are one light. Everyone is One when you get down to it. But here I am on Earth, and we certainly don't look or feel like we are the same. And it's annoying to live in a deity-sized shadow. Studying him feels like looking in a mirror, and yet, I'm not the one who captured the hearts of that ancient civilization. I'm not the one who answers those who still call that name. How much of that image is me, and how much of it is due to that foreign time and place? Honestly, it feels stifling to imagine myself in that box. I don't want to wear his hat, never did. And it's stifling to feel like I have to keep explaining this. And it's annoying to feel like something so simple probably isn't going to be understood. Why am I here again? I'm just a blue sky thing. My soul is a pure tone, like rubbing your finger around a crystal wine glass. Sometimes this body and this mind make noise and it's hard to remember that tone, but if I'm quiet, it's there. I don't need to shift into my kintype, I just need to remember how to listen.
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