1. DergSilverscale

    Any dragon slayers out there?

    I wish to ask why? Why must we dragons be targeted? Why must we be called evil? Why must we be called monsters?
  2. Arkaradiat

    All for dragons! And not only.

    After my journey across the borders of "normal" Internet I found some cool and/or useful sites about dragons: http://www.blackdrago.com/index.html - A LOT of informations about dragons from historical and scientific side. Compendium of knownledge about dragons...
  3. Selroth


    www.draconity.org Where dragons and friends can be dragons with friends, since 2003!  Forums, Discord, events, raffles, and much more!  All are welcome!
  4. D

    Here to talk and/or play games :3

    I want to talk to some kin/therians cos I don't know that many, you can talk/play with my through these: Kik: iamthedoge Xbox live: neweragirl2001 Facebook: Mysïc Aüra (I spelt mystic wrong) Tumblr: Dragonkin-Gemini (II only give my Skype out to friends)