1. compromisations

    Dreams/Visions + stones relating to Kin

    I tend to keep alot of items around me that represent my kintypes and i, and recently i've been feeling close to my wyvern self. I have a purple pendulum which I use for dragon readings specifically, and when I keep it near me I often have dreams about what my life was like as a wyvern. I was...
  2. Selroth


    www.draconity.org Where dragons and friends can be dragons with friends, since 2003!  Forums, Discord, events, raffles, and much more!  All are welcome!
  3. D

    Here to talk and/or play games :3

    I want to talk to some kin/therians cos I don't know that many, you can talk/play with my through these: Kik: iamthedoge Xbox live: neweragirl2001 Facebook: Mysïc Aüra (I spelt mystic wrong) Tumblr: Dragonkin-Gemini (II only give my Skype out to friends)