1. Winter'sTouch

    Dragonkin Self Care

    Self care tips: -Hot chocolate -Coffee -warm baths/showers -being high up (loft beds/bunk beds really do it for me) -nests out of blankets -running down hills sometimes triggers really powerful wing shifts -scalemail gloves really help me with species dysphoria -make hurring, growling, purring...
  2. Dinocanid

    What is "The Cliffside"?

    "The Cliffside" is in reference to where Amorphous used to live. She lived in a cave on a mountain that led out to a cliff over a large forest, with a clear view of the sky. Whenever we meet during a meditation the setting is always the same: sitting on the cliff at night with a bright full...
  3. Dinocanid


    A couple nights ago, I was attempting to astral project again and just ended up meditating with vivid imagery. Amorphous was helping to guide me this time, and I had calming music in my headphones as well. Since my main focus for a while has been to learn more about my dragon kintype, the...
  4. Dinocanid

    Flight Progression

    (June 19th, 2020) I had another lucid dream recently where I was able to practice flight. While not perfect, I could somewhat get off the ground and push forward. (At least I'm not flying backwards anymore) Hopefully one day I'll be able to completely control myself in the air and go...
  5. Dinocanid

    Amorphous (Ammy) Log | Dragonkin

    This is where I'll keep all memories and information associated with my dragon kintype. I'm going to try to keep it chronological but it might end up in no particular order. All of the info listed below was gathered over years of meditation Name To the best of my knowledge, Amorphous...