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Found 11 results

  1. I tend to keep alot of items around me that represent my kintypes and i, and recently i've been feeling close to my wyvern self. I have a purple pendulum which I use for dragon readings specifically, and when I keep it near me I often have dreams about what my life was like as a wyvern. I was very small (barely 30cm or 0.9ft), and I remember I was part of a hierarchy. I mainly fed off bell flowers, but i'd sleep on rose petals. Therefore I keep my bell flowers watered daily, and I often spread rose petals around my pendulum in order to have those dreams. Does anybody else have similar experiences? What items do you use to get closer to your kin
  2. My life, as it stands

    Disclaimer, while this has been my experience it may not be yours, I in no way want to generalize any group of people as many people of a given group have a lot of merit. This isn't about bashing anyone, or any belief system, it is just me venting, and trying to get off of my chest things that have been kind of bugging me for a while but I wasn't really sure where to talk about them. I was raised in a very conservative christian household. This in and of itself is not particularly interesting, I am sure many people here can relate, however this is my story, and for all the pain it has caused me hopefully it will offer someone some insight into their situation, or at least let them know they are not alone. My story starts in a small Colorado town, while not exactly rural it would be hard to claim it is really a full fledged city either. Some of my earliest memories revolve around hiding from other children behind my father's leg. At the time I was far from trusting or accepting of others. Probably not all that strange for a young child. After that I remember falling down and relaxing across all two steps of the first house I lived in, it was a wonderful feeling to be finally free from church and would later be a feeling I treasured after various activities such as soccer. However life was not all roses as much as I may have wished for it to be. I remember my parents frequently yelling at each other over things I did not care to hear about. I would hid from their wrath behind furniture or in a different room out of site. When these confrontations happened on a Sunday morning I could not hid a small hope that perhaps their arguing would spare me from the three hours of boredom that I found church services to be. I would not say my parents were bad parents, but I can't really claim that they were ideal, I recall one time a bit later in my life, after we had moved, when my father so enraged about whatever he and his wife were arguing about that he all but broke down their bedroom door after she had fled there to be free from his wrath. It was at this time that I became aware that perhaps things were not entirely right with my parents marriage. So being the good christian that I was I looked up a bible verse about the evils of divorce and left in on sticky notes where I was sure my father would see it. He later gathered all his progeny and thanked whoever had left said missive. After that things seemed to be more or less right with the world. My father gave my mother a bit more space and we hung out more as a family. That really marked the change in my father's apparent attitude towards the world, when he became far less angry and likely to lash out violently. The best thing about this is that most of my siblings were young enough they would not remember the trials and tribulations that had come to define my childhood. But my journey was not over. As I grew older I eventually reached college age. (of course there were many intervening moments, but those are tales for another time) And for the first time I moved out of the house to attend a college in Salt Lake City. It was there that my beliefs which had been instilled in me really came into question. No longer was it the default position that the earth was 6000 years old, no longer was the default position that everyone was christian. It took a lot of self will, and in retrospect, wilful ignorance to go to church just as I always had not questioning anything. There I met a charming woman, who after some dating ended up becoming my fiance. We were generally happy together, some problems here and there, as with any relationship, but all was pretty much well. Then I finally let my ideological wall down, and decided to experience things as they were, and not as I had been told they were. This came with a number of new revelations to me, first that I was bisexual (how else could I explain my attraction to my fiance while still thinking that a guy I knew was a little more attractive). But things stayed as they were, I was to fearful to bring up my feelings in no small part due to my upbringing and the world in which my fiance lived. Finally I decided to move back to Colorado and enroll in a local University to better my odds of landing a part time job. This inevitably put some strain on the relationship between myself and my fiance. After a few months it proved to be just a little bit too much, and we ended our relationship. It largely came down to a few ideological differences along with disagreement over when exactly we should get married. In hindsight I probably could have done things a little bit differently to ensure our relationship was successful, but what is done is done, and my current state would likely never have come, or would have taken many years more to develop. After that I was really heartbroken, but I also felt like I was in the right regarding the matter. And since our breakup revolved largely around ideology I decided to really dig into why I believed what I believed, and why others believed what they believed. It was an eye opening experience, what I had been told everyone else believed turned out to be largely false. The teachings of my churches, and my fellow christians finally rang hollow in my ears. Exacerbating this was my attempt to deal with my bisexuality, I could not reconcile it with what I had been told all my life about the "evils" of homosexuality. Finally I found the straw that broke the camel's back, Wicca. Finally there was a belief system that resonated with me and did not feel like a prison. I was able to breath again, no longer in fear of eternal damnation, things just fell into place, and felt right. From there I decided the best course of action would of course be to tell people close to me about my path of discovery. But I also knew that after all the years of having been told my new way of life was of the devil, and should probably be eradicated it would not be something to do lightly. So I decided to join the Navy in order to ensure that even if I was evicted I would have a place to go. I arranged everything and about 30 days before my report date (the minimum number of days required for someone to serve an eviction notice) I left my parents with a somewhat poorly worded outflowing of my feelings. My hope was to find acceptance but my past experience told me to prepare for violence. So I loaded my shotgun and placed it under my desk out of sight, and waited. (yes I followed all applicable laws, I legally owned the gun and did not violate any storage rules etc...) My father didn't respond immediately, but when he did he simply asked for some time to think and asked to discuss it more in detail at a later date. Truly a welcome change from the more violent man I once knew. Still on my guard I kept a knife with me as I slept for about a week before we began to discuss things. My parents decided to accept that they could not make me believe something I did not believe. While not exactly supportive of my life choices they at least understood. As such the remaining time until I shipped out for bootcamp passed uneventfully. Once there I eventually fell into the strange routine that is bootcamp. I meditated every night, and when I could grab a few moments during the day I tried to piece together who and what I was. It was during that time that the name Ithral Dhazul came to me. My name had bothered me for a long time, it never really felt right. However my new name did, I had wondered about several names but none seemed to fit me aside from the one I now post under. During that time I began to experience phantom shifting, I can't say for sure if it was the stress of bootcamp or my acceptance of myself that really brought it out. but for the first time in my life I felt like I knew who I was and why I felt that way. Despite the somewhat confining circumstances I felt liberated. Finally bootcamp ended and I left for "A" school (training specific for your job in the Navy) and found myself in Florida. There I met many friends and really was able to be myself for the first time in my life, not constantly worrying about "wrong think". Ultimately I ended up in SOCAL (Southern California) and here I am forging a new life for myself. While I can't really feel entirely comfortable about being openly otherkin it is a marked improvement from my life before now. If you stuck with me through this somewhat long and rambling tale, thank you, perhaps you will better understand me, or perhaps not. Either way I felt the need to get this off my chest as it has been weighing me down for a long time and I have no idea where else to post this. In retrospect I wish I had been a little more open about my feelings, my obsession with dragons and rather vivid dreams about being one go back a long way to early childhood. I wish I had had the courage to speak up about it, I also wish I had been a little more open with my family about what all I had been going through, though with the above examples I'm sure you can generalize why I chose to keep silent. I wish anyone who reads this the best, perhaps it can offer hope to those who feel hopeless, or offer insight into how a person can change and grow in the face of apparent adversity. All the best, Ithral Dharzul
  3. [Erased]

  4. [Erased]

  5. [Erased]

  6. Gemstones

    Here's a bunch of my gemstones. Not all of them though, I couldn't find the rest of them sadly.
  7. Draconity.org

    www.draconity.org Where dragons and friends can be dragons with friends, since 2003! Forums, Discord, events, raffles, and much more! All are welcome!
  8. HappyFloof

    I was bored
  9. Svant Ixen

    This has taken a year and a bit of introspection, and going through around four 'versions' of myself, but I'm finally getting somewhere. The artwork is all mine, just thought I'd clarify.
  10. Some Pretty Cool Dragons

    Blizz, Allos and Isroc.
  11. Here to talk and/or play games :3

    I want to talk to some kin/therians cos I don't know that many, you can talk/play with my through these: Kik: iamthedoge Xbox live: neweragirl2001 Facebook: Mysïc Aüra (I spelt mystic wrong) Tumblr: Dragonkin-Gemini (II only give my Skype out to friends)