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Found 13 results

  1. Gemstones

    Here's a bunch of my gemstones. Not all of them though, I couldn't find the rest of them sadly.
  2. Spiritual or psychological ?...

    More I try to remember, more I feel like I'm lying to myself. Those memories don't feel right, it don't feel like they happened. But on the other side, I still feel draconic. Is it just wishful thinking or am I really draconic ? My shifts are too weak, I can't feel anything. Am I even shifting at all? I have no idea of what I'm doing honestly. I can't verify that I'm dragonkin, can I ? How can I know if I'm something else, dragonkin or dragon hearted? It just confuse me so much... How did other people "change" kintype, how did they realize that they weren't what they first said? And for the dragonkins, how are they sure about what they are? I'm just so tired. My head hurt.
  3. 3.1 New memory.

    I didn't had much to say today, but a few hours ago, something happened. A new memory. I remember being in my lair, and the air smelled like blood. It was after what I had identified as my death, so it kinda... Changed my point of vue. I was on the ground. One of my eye didn't work, the left one. My right wing was bleeding, a lot. It was broken, burnt, and didn't seem really attached to my body. I was still alive though. Then my head turned toward the back of my body. I was burnt everywhere, it made me a little nauseous. My flesh wasn't covering my bones on my visible back leg, and my other wing was clawed and slightly burnt. I had this strange smoke that I was breathing out, something say me that it kept me alive. I'm really confused, because it seem like a real memory, but would it be possible? Right now, I have three solutions to this : 1. Day dreaming, I made up this memory. 2. The smoke is something that cure and heal the scars and bring back missing parts. And then, I guess it come back to normal? My problem with this one is that my phantom shifts, as weak as they are, made me feel one missing eye. Either it didn't heal, or I'm mistaken on the use of what I believe being some sort of healing smoke. 3. Uhh... Is undead dragon a thing? Oh gosh this sound so weird. But... Yeah, it's somehow more logic then the previous solution. It's linked with my phantom shifts, as it keep the missing eye. The gas would then be a healing gas/spell(?), used to keep me alive and heal the small scars. Honestly, I'm at the same time relieved to have a memory and really confused by the memory itself.
  4. 2.1 Day 1 at school

    I was eager to see how it would turn out at my school. Surprisingly, it was mostly the same. I have to say that it relieve me a little, because I was scared that now that I knew and accepted myself as a dragonkin, I would have a lot more of shifts. Especially the ones I didn't want to have. I still had one mental shift that was more intense than what usually happen. There is a lot of lizard, at my school, and at a moment where few students were out, I crouched to try to catch one. I was quite amusing, and mostly a good shift, but I will have to be more cautious next time. It'd be a little awkward if someone saw me. I also had some sort of memory, triggered by a video in a music class (The sound and construction of an "Oud" a musical instrument.) It seemed weirdly familiar, and I remembered building something. I had claws and scales, so I suppose it wasn't a really "human" memory. It don't remember what I was building though. I'll have to analyze this later, to try either to remember more or to prove that it was just my mind making up things. Oh, also. Weak phantom snoot for a time. Of all body parts, that was the one I expected the less.
  5. 1.4 Self grilling questions.

    Ooh boy. This going to take a looong time. Kintype 1. What is your kintype/s? Dragon. 2. What methods did you use to discover your kintype? A lot of little things that leaded me to consider it, and finally a big memory that made me realized that I was a dragon. 3. How long did it take you to figure out your kintype? Hmm... That's kinda hard because I was persuaded to be a dragon when I was a child, then forgot, then found back some memories that leaded to weird half otherkin period, realization that otherkin is a thing, and then the awakening, after a while. So... I'd say it took quite long? 4. Have you ever misidentified your kintype? If so, what did you mistake it for, and why do you think this was? Yes, because what I felt and remembered was myself after my death. It's why I kept it secret the first time I came here. I though it was some sort of demon, I used to call it a "shadow" because it was all black. It didn't exactly look like a dragon because when I died, one of my wings has been torn apart, so my "memory" of myself was distorted, missing his wings, left only with the wing bones. It had also a missing eye and a skull for head. That's probably why I didn't realize what It was. 5. How sure are you that you are right about your kintype? Do you ever have doubts? I always have doubts, because I joined the community not too long ago, but I feel like it's the right one. It feel... Normal. 6. Overall, do you like your kintype? Dislike it? Have no opinion either way? I would be lying if I said that I didn't like it. I always loved dragons, but it annoy me because I can never be sure if I'm day dreaming of if what I feel is really my kintype. 7. List five things you like about your kintype. -Wings. I can freaking fly and that's awesome. -I'm a mighty beast of legend. That's so cool. -I have a hoard of shiny. Shinyyyyyyy. -I'm pretty to look at. I mean, who doesn't like dragons? -I could roar and that was probably awesome. I don't have memories of that yet. 8. List five things you dislike about your kintype. -Really common, it make me feel like it's not true, that it's just a lie that everyone go trough. -I don't exist. Most therian can meet their kintype in real life. I will never. -Dragons have a really bad reputation, especially eastern ones. -There isn't a lot of persons that would take me seriously if I said that I was a dragon. -I have so much trouble not picking up everything shiny in my way. Why. 9. If you could, would you change your kintype? If so, what would you rather be? I'd probably stay with dragons, but if I had to change I would probably pick something more... Unique. 10. Are you content with your kintype? How long did it take you to accept this part of your identity? I accepted it recently, but I'm happy with it. I'm still somewhat confused though. 11. To what extent do you see yourself as (non-physically) non-human? Something like I'm 25% dragon? My old spirits was one of a dragon, so I still have habits popping up every now and then, and every memories that I uncover make me feel more draconic. 12. What experiences and feelings led you identify as your kintype, rather than with it? Uhhh... Well, I'm a dragon, it's as simple as that. Just... That's me? Awakening13. At what age did you awaken? How long ago was this? Well... As I said earlier, I was somewhat awoken when I was a really small child, then forgot, then re-awoken at 14.14. Do you believe something specific triggered your awakening? Just a thought : "Wait, if I'm an otherkin, does this mean I died?". It made me remember my death and realized who I had been. 15. How long did your awakening last? Was it a sudden realisation, or did it take time? More of a sudden realization for me. 16. What did your awakening involve? How did it happen? Well... As said before, it involved my own death. I had an apparently violent death, so it has let me shook, I had trouble focusing on something else after it. 17. How did you feel during your awakening? What was it like for you emotionally? It was really... Depressing. I felt hopeless. Before, I had this sparkle of hope wishing that I would transform back in my past form, and the realization of my death crushed this sparkle of hope. I'm dead. I can't come back. 18. Did you know about otherkin/therians prior to your awakening? If so, do you think this could have affected you or played some part in triggering your awakening? Yes, and it played its part in my awakening. If I didn't know about otherkin, I would never have thought of this question. 19. Do you believe you have always identified as non-human, even prior to your awakening? Non-human, yes. I have always felt somewhat different because of my weird dragon like thought. It didn't really match with peoples around me. 20. Did you experience shifts and/or feelings of being non-human prior to your awakening? Yes, mental shift, I guess. I had some crazy moment. I don't remember having phantom limbs though. I maybe had dream shift at one point? Shifts 21. Do you experience mental shifts? (If no, skip to question 22). Yes. i. Describe how your mental shifts feel. Weird. It's just like... On/off. It's really hard for me to trigger it, or to avoid it. It happens without my control,and is kinda scary. ii. How often do you mentally shift? How intense/vivid are these shifts? Sometimes very intense, sometimes I feel almost nothing. It really depends. iii. Do you enjoy mental shifting, or not? If there is people around me, not a all. It feel weird and I don't want people to see me as a freak. If I'm alone or with peoples I know, it's a lot more enjoyable, sometimes it can even be awesome! iv. What is your favourite part about mentally shifting? Feeling back to normal, not having to watch what I'm doing. v. What is your least favourite part about mentally shifting? Not being able to stop to come back to a normal state. vi. Do you experience involuntary mental shifts? If so, in what situations do these occur? My shifts are most of the time involuntary. I had shift that had occurred because of a loud noise, of an emotion ... It can be anything or everything. But small animals always seem to trigger a shift. And then... I try to catch them. Oops, I guess? vii. Do you experience voluntary mental shifts? If so, how do you do this? No, but I'd like to! viii. Describe the first mental shift you remember having. When I was really small, and it's one of the only memory I have of when I was really young. I was on the bathroom, and climbed on the bath's edge. It was high for my size, maybe like half of my size? Probably more. I tried to jump an fly, and almost face planted on the ground. There was towels and other soft stuff, so I didn't get hurt, but I was still extremely confused. 22. Do you experience phantom shifts? (If no, skip to question 23.) :/ Not a lot at all, but I'll try my best. i. Describe how your phantom shifts feel. Somewhat like when you block your arm or leg in a weird position and don't feel anything after realizing it. ii. How often do you phantom shift? How intense/vivid are these shifts? They aren't intense a all for me. They are very weak, and just a little irritating when I don't want them. iii. Do you enjoy phantom shifting, or not? Honestly, I'd like to feel my wings and tail more. I don't really feel anything enjoyable when shift, and neither something really irritating. It's just weirdly there but not at the same time. iv. What is your favourite part about phantom shifting? :/ Well... I feel m wings? I mean... That's pretty cool. v. What is your least favourite part about phantom shifting? I don't really feel anything, so it's more irritating than anything. It's really frustrating to know that some people feel them like the were there, and I just have a weird itchy feeling. vi. Do you experience involuntary phantom shifts? If so, in what situations do these occur? No, not really. I have to think of it to start feeling something. I have trouble to stop the feeling though. vii. Do you experience voluntary phantom shifts? If so, how do you do this? Well, yeah, but they are really weak and not really enjoyable. I just focus on where my missing part should be. viii. Describe the first phantom shift you remember having. Wings in my back when I had mental shift when I was younger. It's what led me to believe that I could still fly. 23. Do you experience dream shifts? (If no, skip to question 24). Yes. i. When you dream shift, do the dreams differ from your typical dreams? In what ways? Well, most of the time, they are lucid dream, so I can remember an control them a little. They are really short though. ii. How often do you dream shift? That's kinda rare. iii. Do you dream shift during lucid or non-lucid dreams, or both? Lucid dreams are the ones I remember the most easily, but I must have had some dream iv. Describe the first dream shift you remember having. I don't remember old dreams, but I had a dream a few times ago where I hunted in a forest. It smelled like a deer. 24. Have you ever experienced a sensory shift? If so, how did this feel? I don't think so. 25. Have you ever experienced a spiritual or aural shift? If so, how did this feel? How did you know? I don't think so neither. 26. If you believe in and practice astral projection, do you take the form of your kintype? I'm trying to, but didn't succeed yet. 27. Do you experience cameo shifts? (If no, skip to question 28). No. i. How often do you experience cameo shifts? ii. Are these cameo shifts in the form of mental, phantom, dream or other shifts? iii. How intense/vivid are your cameo shifts? iv. Are there specific creatures or entities which you are more likely to cameo shift as? v. If your cameo shifts are as a specific creature/entity, what makes you feel it is not a kintype? vi. What feelings differentiate your cameo shifts from shifts into your kintype, if any? vii. Are your cameo shifts voluntary, involuntary or both? viii. Do you enjoy cameo shifting, or not? Beliefs 28. Why do you believe you identify as non-human? Because it feel more right than identify as an human. Being an human never felt right for me. 29. If you believe you identify as non-human for spiritual reasons; (if not, skip to question 30) i. What feelings and experiences have led you to believe your identity is spiritual in nature? Memories, and a lot of little "deja-vu" that didn't make sense until I awoke. ii. Do you believe you had a past life as your kintype, have the soul of your kintype, or something else? Yes, I think I was a dragon in a previous life. iii. Have you ever experienced flashbacks or memories of existence before your current life? The memory of my death was the only intense one so far. I had some flying memories, and hunting memories too. iv. If yes, how do these memories differ from normal dreams/daydreams? They are more clear, and I can feel pain, loud noises and temperature, things like that. v. How do you believe you have ended up here, as a human? Do you think it was a choice? I don't think I was a choice. Honestly, I have no idea why I'm here. vi. Do you believe you are here for a reason? If so, what do you think that reason is? I don't think I'm here for a reason, for me it's more like an accident. vii. Have your experiences as otherkin affected your other religious and spiritual beliefs, or lack of such beliefs? If so, how? No, not really. I'm atheist and I'm staying atheist. viii. Have you ever seriously considered that your identity may be psychological or neurological in nature? If not, why not? If so, what about it makes you believe it is spiritual instead? I have considered it as a psychological problem, but I made test, first alone, then with a psychologist, and I'm perfectly normal on that side of the things. Plus, it don't really explain everything in my opinion. 30. If you believe you identify as non-human for psychological or neurological reasons; (if not, skip to question 31) Community 31. How did you first find the otherkin community? Was it before or after you awakened? By searching after seeing a blog on tumblr. It wasn't a troll blog, so it was quite interesting. 32. Do you believe being part of the community has had any impact on your identity? Probably yes. 33. Do you believe you would know as much about yourself as you do now, if it weren't for the community? No, it really helped me. 34. What is your favourite part about the online otherkin community? Everyone is supportive and answer the questions asked. 35. What is your least favourite part about the online otherkin community? Trolls. Oh gosh I hate trolls. 36. Overall, have your experiences in the community been positive or negative? Positive, I guess. No one told me to kill myself yet, so I guess I avoid the stupid side. XD37. If you were asked to give advice to newly-awakened otherkin, what would you say? I'M a newly awakened otherkin. Give me advice ;P More seriously, I guess it would be "Analyse and verify, we can never be sure enough that it isn't day dreaming." Effects on life 38. How big of an effect do you believe your otherkin identity has on your life? Well, I'm just started, but I think it will have a big impact. Not life changing, but I will still react differently. 39. Are you ever inconvenienced by your identity as non-human? A little. I'm scared someone will find out and use it against me. 40. Do you ever feel "homesick" for the habitat or lifestyle of your kintype? If so, how do you deal with this? Yes, but looking a my hoard or day dreaming appease the feeling Mos of the time. I can do a lot of things to remind me home, so it's no too much of a problem. I really miss flying though. 41. Do you ever experience species dysphoria? If so, how does this feel, and how do you deal with it? No, at least I don't think so. I kinda hate soft skin and short nails, but well. 42. Are there any locations that make you feel more or less connected to your kintype? Why? Cliffs. It just remind me so much home for some reason. Probably the wind. 43. Are there any activities that make you feel more or less connected to your kintype? Why? Climbing, running, swimming, jumping... A lot of sports remind of when I was in the wild. But on the other side, team sports feels wrong. Drawing help me feel more appeased, an It help me visualize m memories. 44. Do you believe your identity as a non-human has affected your interests or career path? No. I don't think so. 45. Do you believe your non-human identity has affected your personality? Why, or why not? Yes, because I feel more proud of myself, more sure. It has a really positive impact! 46. Do you believe your non-human identity has affected your "moral compass" in any way? Yes, because I feel more happy with small things. Living as a human is much easier, and I still feel m draconic past. I boost me when I feel depressed. 47. Do you have any unusual behaviours or quirks that you attribute to your kintype? Yes, for exemple, I hiss when I'm surprised. I collect every shiny things I see and am able to take. I am not scared at all of reptiles. I would prefer to stay silent than to talk. And a lot more that I can't think of right now. 48. Do you have any unusual instinctual reactions or fears that you attribute to your kintype? Yes, for exemple, I'm scared of crowds. I feel stuck and irritated. I don't have a lot of weird fear though. 49. If given a choice, would you rather everybody know about your non-human identity, or nobody? I tend to think that I would be happier with nobody knowing about it. I'm really scared about people using I against me. 50. Do you feel it is important for friends/family to know about your non-human identity? Why, or why not? No, I mean, it's about me, not them. 51. How do you express your non-human identity externally (if you do at all)? For now, I don't. I probably will never, but I'd love to wear horns, and maybe a tail. I'd love wings too, but it would b a little more difficult. 52. How open are you about your non-human identity in general? :/ A little touchy. I would really depend on who ask me. I would need to have a lot of trust in them. 53. Would you ever consider modifying your body to more resemble your kintype (i.e. tattoos, piercings, etc.)? No. 54. Overall, do you feel that having a non-human identity has been a positive, negative or neutral experience? Positive, it really boost me. 55. Have you ever tried to deny, bury or ignore your non-human identity? If so, why? Ignore it for the while, because it seemed stupid and irrealistic. 56. If given the choice to permanently, physically change into the form of your kintype, would you? Why, or why not? Yes, If I didn't risk to be hunted and could still live with humans. I could help with a few things I guess? Fun stuff 57. What's your favourite thing to do while shifted? Run run run run run run run. No idea why. And then bite stuff. 58. What's your favourite thing to eat or drink while shifted? FISH. GIMME DAT FISH. 59. Have you ever done something silly while shifted, only realising after the shift has subsided? I... I play bitted the hand of someone. It was really awkward after it. She didn't know that I was weird and was a genualy confused. 60. If you see something scary while mentally shifted, how do/would you react? Hiss and bite/claw. Probably try to look bigger, then hide in the highest place in reach. True Story. 61. Ever had any embarrassing moments related to your kintype? C'mon, out with it! In class, I hissed when a bag fell loudly behind me. I was really awkward because most of the class heard it. 62. All otherkin have suddenly gained the ability to physically shift! What's the first thing you do? Fly. Oh gosh I would fly. 63. ...And what's the second thing? Probably jump around in joy like a big scaly goof. 64. What would a normal day be like for you if you could physically shift? Probably the same until free time happen. Then dragon time. The was fun to do! I did it from my phone, so I hope there isn't too much faults.
  6. 1.3 My "living" hoard

    I always wanted a dragon when I was little, because my parents had said that I couldn't be one. I even still have a book that they had bought me because it talked about owning a dragon! My room had always been covered in toys that represented dragons. I think I had over 20 dragon toys! There is three that I considered as my pets, because I couldn't have one. Until one day... ... This little spiky things was brought home. She is a Pogona vitisceps, also called Bearded dragons, and her name is Poggy because my imagination wasn't working this day. She is lovely and very calm, and is for sure what I cherish the most in my hoard. I do my best to keep her happy. Being my first pet, I have to say that my heart die a little each time that she hibernate, by fear that I did something wrong... I have another pet too, a dog, but he will be included in a future blog.
  7. 1.2 My hoard

    Because what would be a dragonkin without his hoard? I started making a "real" hoard not so long ago, when I realized that I was a dragonkin, so it isn't really big. It's composed of two smaller hoards : A bunch of shiny things that I picked up over the years. Wow, picking up lost earing, I'm such a majestic dragon! But yeah, my first hoard looked like a magpie nest. I love it a lot though, because the stuff I put in this category have a personal value and are shiny! It's a lot of jewelry, not even expensive one, just some that people have lost. I have some really pretty ones though! Here are some of my favorites. Metal dragon found in a forest by my best friend, pearls found in a lake, a little dolphin made of amber found near a school, green shiny stuff found in an aeroport, and a jade dragon, gived by my mother. I have no idea what is the thing on the top and where I found it but I love it. It's the oldest thing I have in my hoard. My second hoard is more interesting for most dragonkins, as it is made of minerals. I have some more stones, but here are some that I'm trying to identify. I'm going to try to expend my hoard as much as I can, but that's all for now. Or is it? I still have ONE thing that I consider as my hoard.
  8. Entry 1.1 Introduction I guess?

    So... Hi? I'm a dragonkin, female now, but I don't remember what I was before. I came here to find answers to my weird habitudes and strange memories, and it worked! So now I'm here, trying to understand what to do and how is this even possible. I don't want to let what I just discovered escape, and I want to prove that otherkin are normal peoples. I don't know how to do it, but I guess it will be easier when I'll have the occasion? From what I remember, I was a grey or black dragon. I also remember copper, but I'm not sure about that. I used to hunt and defend myself by using toxic gazes. I mean... I don't remember spitting fire, so I guess it's all I could do? Sunabi is my draconic name, if anyone wondered. Fellow dragonkin, if you happen to lay your eyes upon those words, I have no idea what it mean, and I wouldn't mind some help. I think it will be all for this entry, but hey, nothing stop you from reading the next ones!
  9. Draconity.org

    www.draconity.org Where dragons and friends can be dragons with friends, since 2003! Forums, Discord, events, raffles, and much more! All are welcome!
  10. HappyFloof

    I was bored
  11. Svant Ixen

    This has taken a year and a bit of introspection, and going through around four 'versions' of myself, but I'm finally getting somewhere. The artwork is all mine, just thought I'd clarify.
  12. Some Pretty Cool Dragons

    Blizz, Allos and Isroc.
  13. Here to talk and/or play games :3

    I want to talk to some kin/therians cos I don't know that many, you can talk/play with my through these: Kik: iamthedoge Xbox live: neweragirl2001 Facebook: Mysïc Aüra (I spelt mystic wrong) Tumblr: Dragonkin-Gemini (II only give my Skype out to friends)