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Found 2 results

  1. Basically, for those who dream, love dreaming and want to share with others what they dream about. Most of my dreams I have I've been sharing on my blog but how about a thread where we can all share together in one place? I'll go first, this is a dream I had last night. I was attempting to dream about Zack and I kind of did! [May 4th, 2019] Angels of Death 2 Content Warning: None I was on the city bus coming home from school. People from my old high school were bullying me like always; taking turns coming up from behind, hugging me, caressing my arms and patting my head. I yelled, threatened them and even went as far to use physical force to push them away. Eventually, the bus was almost near my place, so I rang the bell but it wouldn't stop. Some people yelled for the driver to stop. Guess he was dumbfounded by something because after like 3 or 4 bus stops, he finally awoke from his trance and let me off. As I got off, I found myself ways away from home in a bustling city. I was scared and didn't know where to go. The guys that passed me as I traveled down the sidewalk, wearing nothing but my socks...for some reason... gave me inappropriate looks which made me very uncomfortable. One even asked where my shoes were but I was too embarrassed to answer. I looked for someone to help me get to where I needed to be. I asked a guy and a girl who were chatting near a cafe if they knew where a specific building was; this building I knew very well and it was close to home. The girl pointed me towards the direction, telling me that I needed to take a right once I went down these sketchy-looking metal stairs. I said, "ok, thanks!" and made my way down. I found myself in an underground-basement with a bunch of guys who were all sitting together in a large group watching American football playing on a flat screen TV mounted to the wall. I made my way past them, keeping to the right as I spotted someone coming up from a flight of stairs in my way. This guy was white, bore tattoos all over his arms, was bald and for some reason, only his upper-half was visible to me. I could not see his legs, but he wasn't legless at all. He moved around as if he had legs, they were just naked to the eye. The guy was agitated about something. He mumbled to himself and snatched a broom and mop by this assortment of rubbish that was nesting by the wall. I just watched him, scared of getting any closer. here was another guy next to me on a bench watching the sports game telling me who the guy was; Guy: "Don't worry about him; he's just the janitor. He's a pretty cool guy if you got to know him." Maria: "Oh, yeah...right, ok." I was still too hesitant to approach him, so I waited till he disappeared back downstairs as I made my way down. But he was coming back up and we intersected one another. Janitor: "Oh hey!" His gloomy face turned to an ecstatic vibrancy with a grin and a show of teeth. (Zack...?) Maria: "H...hi...I'm trying to get back home." Janitor: "Oh? When you get back home, will you... (whispers something naughty in my ear)" Maria: "W-w-what?! I-I mean...I don't know...I...gotta go now." Janitor: "I'll come with you~" The seemingly legless man walked by my side as we went down the stairs together. I was a bit paranoid with this guy following me, but he seemed...friendly, almost...familiar but I continued my way. The two of us made it to the bottom and there was another right to take but we ran into these vegetables on the ground and I was puzzled. They then sprung to life in an instant moaning and grabbing us by the clothes. Maria: "No! No! No! Let go of me! Janitor: (punches a few) "Don't worry about them; they are cannibals, they only eat other vegetables." Maria: "...What?!" I broke myself free from the vegetation; the janitor did as well, but he was grabbed again and thrown in a cage along with me. We both were brought into a room as another figure came by our path. It was the guy I talked to before who explained to me who the janitor was. He had a grin on his face as well, devious at that. Guy: "We're going to play a game. Both of you have a set amount of time to complete it, and it can go either way. One of you could win the game by killing the other or you both can just wait out the time together and win that way." I thought to myself that their had to be a catch, this janitor guy would sure kill me if it meant for him to escape. Guy: "Don't worry, there's no catch at all! It's an easy peasy game~ By the way, you might want this." (hands me a pamphlet) "Tells you all about our friend here." I was scared to read it, but I did anyways. And lord and behold it was in-depth information about all the crimes the janitor has committed, including murder. Maria: "I really don't want to die. I just want to go home!" But no one will ever know because I WOKE UP!
  2. Yeeeah... I still have work to do. I struggle sometimes when I’m not sure if I’m a wolf, dog, or wolf dog. When looking to dreams, I see a lot of dogs. But I’ve seen wolves in my dreams too. When meditating/shifting, I can feel my pointed ears. So I know i have pointed ears like a wolf (or dog ). When meditating, I can feel myself running in a field ether by myself or with a pack of wolves. It’s also difficult to tell what species of wolf i am. I feel a strong connection with Arctic wolves, but I’m not too confident with myself. I guess I’m still figuring out... for now, I identify as an Arctic Wolf.
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