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Found 8 results

  1. I tend to keep alot of items around me that represent my kintypes and i, and recently i've been feeling close to my wyvern self. I have a purple pendulum which I use for dragon readings specifically, and when I keep it near me I often have dreams about what my life was like as a wyvern. I was very small (barely 30cm or 0.9ft), and I remember I was part of a hierarchy. I mainly fed off bell flowers, but i'd sleep on rose petals. Therefore I keep my bell flowers watered daily, and I often spread rose petals around my pendulum in order to have those dreams. Does anybody else have similar experiences? What items do you use to get closer to your kin
  2. Dream Diary Roundup for October 2017

    Lots of weird dreams this October. I had a few dreams where I was still partnered to my ex, Or a REALLY weird one where my current partner LOOKED and SOUNDED like my ex, but was still herself! There was also a lot of narrative present, usually at least semi-linear with fantasy element. Something related to sci fi pirates except the whole crew was a daycare and a half. I lived in a swamp on a roving tortoise, and had to try and prevent mice from escaping a bucket. I also had a weirdly pleasant dream that I had a retail job at a place akin to a Target, though it also had some restaurant section and loads and loads of shelves of halloween and occult decor. I didn't even get in trouble for just hiding out in the halloween aisles! The messages are getting a little more conflicted, but point toward changing circumstances. Some of these changes I've been warned of ahead of time, and others not so much. I feel that the focus is changing from learning healing and spiritual skills to learning practical skills.
  3. Dream Diary Roundup for September 2017

    I've been having extremely vivid dreams on a regular basis. Some nightmares, some benign, and some that followed me throughout the day. I had a dream about enjoying my locale and exploration even while enduring great and surreal suffering. I also had a dream that aliens stole my mom, and in the process of trying to rescue her, we all became different people. I've taken to writing them down, and have noticed themes of transformation and endurance. This ties into my recent tarot readings as to my current path. In the dreams, I am usually the decider of fate--what I do or do not do changes the outcome of the dream. In many of them, I am featured as deciding to do something or change something simple for fun, whereas in the real world I have the bad habit of not moving until pushed. Perhaps this is another message--to go forth and grow in skill simply for the sake of doing so, and being okay with the results regardless of what they are. GF is also less and less a force in my dreams, perhaps signifying that I am individuating and finding my own personal power without need for a protector.
  4. Dream Diary: Revenge is Poison.

    This dream occurred the night of 7/30, immediately before waking at 730am 7/31/2017. I've been very stressed about family, job, and personal growth challenges. It'll all turn out fine, I know, but I'm still on one heck of an emotional roller coaster. This was a violent dream. Be aware. The dream began in a theater or lecture hall of some kind. My ex-partner, on amicable terms, was seated in the row in front of me. They got up and left, but forgot their backpack, so I picked it up and held onto it. At the end of... whatever performace, I stood to leave. J, a girl who had been close close friends with this specific ex partner when we were together in school, stood up and asked "Hey, where are your partners? You didn't bring any of them to the show?" I was very confused, and replied that I only had one partner. (For context, I had six romantic partners at the time she knew me. I have since broke up with all six and have one partner currently.) I realized I was holding some bag or jacket or other belonging that had belonged to each ex partner, even ones that have completely left my life. I felt vaguely confused, and left. As I crossed the street to my car, carrying way too much stuff, I saw three people breaking into my car and stealing a really big toolbox from my trunk. I knew, somehow, that my gf had gotten that for me and it was extremely necessary to completing a job soon. I was too weighed down, and two of the people went out of sight with the box. The third, a long haired woman vaguely reminiscent of the standard white girl in my region, came my general direction and told me they were going to use the tools to cook meth. She got too cocky, too close, though, and I snatched her by her hair and beat her into a coma. I then carried her around the city, unconscious, by her hair, demanding that if anybody knew her and wanted her back, they should bring me my toolbox intact. The various bags and things were gone, and I felt much bigger and more myself. Some time later, I had found her home and broken in at night. She was kept in bedrest, and her lone partner cared for her day and night. Her toddler child, innocent, didn't know better. I felt an intense sadness, and her face had changed to look like that of my human. Her partner reminded me of people close to me, and her child literally had nails and expressions exactly like mine. I was a monster, and I had done evil, and boy did I wake up in a sour mood.
  5. Dream Diary: Weird road trip.

    Last night (7/19/2017) I went to sleep around 10pm. The new moon is this Saturday, 7/22/2017. The dream began in the truck with gf driving. We both looked like our humans. We were driving in an extremely winding, hilly forest landscape in the misty, extremely dark night. It was gravel road. As we came to the bottom between hills, a little old human lady in an orange truck stopped us. She was looking for her grand daughter. We allowed her to follow us, as I somehow knew where the grand daughter was. We drove several curves, and a large truck with a trailer blocked us from cresting a hill. We got out and climbed to the knob/hilltop, and there was some kind of country/redneck gettogether in a barn-like building. C, the 21 year old manager at the job I just worked at for only two weeks, waved at me from a picnic table. She was the grand daughter, and in the real world her grandmother was just hospitalized. A human that looked like Soos from Gravity Falls complimented my boots, a pair of Ariats in leather that I own in reality. He moved, and I went inside. At this point, I was no longer aware of my gf nearby. There were long bench seat lunch tables and a stage. My mother, aunt C, and sibling stood up on their bench. They were all wearing matching shirts with some weird tan plaid golf pattern. They greeted me, but seemed confused or jumbled. We all recently lost Granny, so maybe my dream made them jumbled because of that. Dream became indistinct after that.
  6. I'm doing a bit of research at the moment and if you are a kitsune and had dreams of any weapons please describe it below. Thanks.
  7. Gryphon Under the Moonlight

    This picture actually has a little background to it about my Dream shift. I had a dream about this once, almost like an outer body experience. It felt like I woke up but truly I wasn't. I was in my bedroom getting up and realised something wasn't right... turns out it was still nighttime and my body has changed. I was in Gryphon form. And I could phase through walls as I've tested out, so what I did, with the wings I had, I flew through the town I live in. Then up into the sky under the full moon. It was an amazing! It almost felt real for some reason, I can't put my finger on it. I felt the wind blowing through my feathers and the strength of each flap of my wings that I took. I really wish to dream up of something like this again.
  8. So I had a dream that I don't understand and kind of scares me looking into it. My step sister is visiting me and gives me a wedding present. Its a ring. The band is silver and the gem is the same color as the one on my engagement ring (lavender) and its surrounded by golden laurel leaves. She says its a wedding present. Then my fiance comes to me and offers another ring. The color is a mix of gold and bronze, the gem is the same color, and it has swirl designs. I slip that one on my wedding finger and the other one on my other hand. Then I woke up. It looks harmless at first glance but I found it weird that I would dream of golden laurels so I looked it up. Laurels seem good, they seem to symbolize happiness, creativity and even prophecy. Gold is what scares me. It mostly warns of bad stuff. I read that recieving a golden wedding gift means marraige to an incompatible person. That scares me. I love my fiance. Should I take this seriously? Also it might help to point out that I hardly talk to my step sister. Please help me?