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  1. youtilla

    I found one of us in public....

    For some context here, I live in kansas city missouri. Now, kansas city is pretty chill. Ironic for a city in missouri, right? Anyway, I have seen my fair share of "odd" people, myself included. But you know...never in a million moons would i have ever thought I would find another one of me. Or...
  2. youtilla

    why are elfs such a f*tish?

    !!!TRIGGER WARNING!!! !creeps and will be mentioned and explicated talk will be present! When I was first discovering that I was an elf, one of the first things I noticed from people (spefically boys) was how much my ears were a "s*x...
  3. youtilla

    How do i find out my kin name?

    Hi! I'm new here! I am an elf and for a while have been trying to figure out a name for myself...I seen a lot of other otherkins who feel bad about there "human name" and change it to a kin name when they kin...But i've never felt that way. Is that ok? I love my name tbh, My full name is...