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  1. Me.


    This was originally going to be me/Foxy and @Withersick/Petra but I can't draw humans lol so just me.
  2. Friendship drama.

    Friendship drama.

    Haha my friends left me, brrrr.
  3. FoxyAnimations

    Explanation on Foxy.

    Foxy is an anthropomorphic fox (red fox possibly) from the Roblox game Piggy. He wields a knife, as well. He went through two designs, his old and new one. I don't really care for his new design, so his new design is not me... If that makes sense. My backstory is somewhat explained, my anonymous...
  4. FoxyAnimations


    I am now kinda questioning my Fictotype and I need help. There is this character Foxy from my main fandom Piggy and boy do I have a lot to say about him. I feel like he IS me. I feel more like him than Rue. I know almost every single thing about him. I feel more comfortable calling myself...
  5. Jeb_CC

    Please Help me Understand Fictionkin

    Hey all, From my honest standpoint, I find Fictionkin a hard thing to understand. I'm very skeptical of the concept of identifying as a specific being and I'm hoping maybe someone can shed some light on my possible misunderstandings. I hope this does not offend any Fictionkin on the forum, I am...
  6. I'm starting to write (weird) songs

    I'm starting to write (weird) songs

    I started singing more, and it is easier to fully do it now that I'm on T. It's because I'm more comfortable with my voice now. It made me realize (again) that I want to write my own lyrics. I've been kind of learning music theory for a while now... I have a hard time getting deep with lyrics...
  7. 2-D

    My singing voice

    I noticed something weird when I was like... around 14. When I sing my accent changes. I'm American, but my fictotype is British. It used to be slight, but now it is more obvious. It is validating, but I don't know how I will explain if anyone notices and asks about it. I actually cannot...
  8. D

    can you kin a YouTube persona?

    I’ve been wondering about this, for example: kining dream but not his actual self?
  9. DemonicX

    Error’s Diary

    🖤Welcome to my kin diary! It’s a bit unstable at the moment but it’s only for fictionkin related topics I hope you guys like my diary/blog🖤
  10. Amber

    The Multiverse hypothesis – a short literature review

    Preface: This article provides background information to the Multiverse of Minds hypothesis. If you'd like additional sources to be reviewed, please comment. I'll try to take a look at them, but it might need some time. Motivation and Scope Considering oneself fictionkin, e.g. being member of...
  11. DraconicAnomaly

    Is struggling with one's name a common problem for alterhumans?

    I don't know about you, but I've gone through a lot of names over the years, both usernames and names I actually want people to refer to me by. I'm really pleased with the one I have currently, and I don't think I'll be changing it for a while, but that's actually pretty new for me. I'm curious...