1. theeverchanging

    Anyone want to be friends with an infinite number of people?

    Heyo, we are startatzero. I'm some random guy. But cool nonhuman people come out sometimes. I love folk music and I write stories Come talk to us (please)
  2. AhostWithDIDxxx

    Venting post TW: SENSITIVE TOPICS!

    So... we uhm 'had' this friend, who we dated and they cheated on us. recently (meaning like a year) my GF and I decided to let her hang out with us and... she kinda started spreading rumors about us. it got to the point where I had to sit alone every day at lunch and had nobody to talk to about...
  3. Wolfie Atsuko


    Hello! I'm Wolfie. I'm kind of new to this community, I've known I was a White Arctic Wolf for a long time..but I never knew anyone who understood me. Does anyone want to be friends? I'm 17. Punk. And my pronouns are He/They. Thank you c: