1. Azure Robin

    Incorrect alterhuman Quotes

    Ever heard of "incorrect (insert fandom) quotes" and/ or  blogs dedicated to them? No? Well, the name should be self- explaining: It's all about things, characters in media  a.) would never say in canon b.) don't say in canon, but would say (and sometimes do in written fanworks). Short...
  2. AshenFall

    ABCs of Pokémon

    So we have a couple of ABC threads now and it sprung to mind another form of this game that I think would be fun. An A-Z of Pokémon! The same rules apply as the other threads. Starting from A, each person replies with a Pokémon (image is optional but adds some extra fun) of the next letter of...
  3. AshenFall


    Before the Great Crash of May 2016 we had a GIF and meme thread that appears to have been sadly lost along with all the great creations. But I am here to try and revive the greatness of that thread. This is a thread for all memes Kinmunity related, the weirder and funnier, the better, bonus...
  4. ExpansiveKudzu

    Kintype Sparring?

    Hi. I've been loving these threads and thought I'd post one myself :D so this might be a dumb idea, but what is your kintype's fighting style? who is your kintype's natural enemy? ally?? i'm an art student and as I was thinking i could draw the coolest idea. -EK
  5. WolfToast

    Mr. Blob

    This is a game I found in another forum. It is simple: just add whatever you want to the drawing (open it in any drawing application you have) Don't hesitate to resize it if our blob becomes too full. Note: Make it appropriate. No dongs or lewd stuff And, I present you our blob: