1. kia

    Starbound! What do you like about it?

    Skie: So some people like Minecraft, some like Terraria, some even like a non-pixelated game! But have you heard of Starbound, played it, or recently bought it? Whatever the case may be, tell me what you like- or don't like, about Starbound! I look forward to your responses!
  2. AshenFall


    Before the Great Crash of May 2016 we had a GIF and meme thread that appears to have been sadly lost along with all the great creations. But I am here to try and revive the greatness of that thread. This is a thread for all memes Kinmunity related, the weirder and funnier, the better, bonus...
  3. ExpansiveKudzu

    Kintype Sparring?

    Hi. I've been loving these threads and thought I'd post one myself :D so this might be a dumb idea, but what is your kintype's fighting style? who is your kintype's natural enemy? ally?? i'm an art student and as I was thinking i could draw the coolest idea. -EK
  4. Z

    Spooky Games for Halloween

    Seeing that Halloween is approaching, and that October is the West's month of all things macabre, I thought it might be fun to share a list of some recommended creepy, spooky, and/or horror games which I have played. Please feel free to also post about your own! n_n -Resident Evil (series)...