1. HelloMyNameIsSilver

    What's your favorite game-related theory?

    It's always fun picking apart the stories of games and stuff, and lots of theories and stuff can be made about them. Anyways, I figured it might be cool to ask you guys what your favorite theories about different games are/what you find interesting in some of them. One of my personal favorites...
  2. Skylark


    Everyone's favorite box-based sandbox game. Does anyone else play around here?
  3. Girishal

    Flight Rising

    Hi, everyone! First, I'm sorry for not being so active. Secondly: There's this cool game called Flight Rising. It's this sim-type game that has you taking care of your own dragon clan. You gather food, breed your dragons, and buy/create items. There are a variety of species, genes, and...
  4. Girishal

    Final Fantasy VII: The Remake and My Overwhelming Emotions

    (I may go off on a tangent here and there, so please bear with me.) I’ve been looking forward to the Final Fantasy VII remake since the day it was announced; I actually get some overwhelming emotional torrents when I watch the teaser trailer. Let’s just say that I love FFVII with all my heart...
  5. Naia

    Town of Salem

    Lately, I've been rather addicted to Town of Salem. It is based heavily on the party game "Mafia". I've actually been an avid player of Werewolf on IRC before I discovered Town of Salem, which is pretty much the same thing but entirely text based. It's a detective style game that requires a lot...
  6. Z


    I'm curious as to whether or not anyone has played Armello? The art style is amazing, and I imagine that it is relevant to the interests of some. I've yet to try it, but am interested in the opinions of those who have.
  7. Z

    What MMOs Do You Play?

    Hey, fellow gaming kin! I saw Guild Wars 2 mentioned a couple times in other threads, as well as other MMOs and online games, but there doesn't seem to be a catch-all thread dedicated to finding other folks to play these games with (the only one sort-of like this is limited to casual...