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  1. youtilla

    How do i find out my kin name?

    Hi! I'm new here! I am an elf and for a while have been trying to figure out a name for myself...I seen a lot of other otherkins who feel bad about there "human name" and change it to a kin name when they kin...But i've never felt that way. Is that ok? I love my name tbh, My full name is...
  2. mycelium

    Faekin, can I be here?

    I believe my faekinity (still dunno how to use words rip) is intertwined with my pseudo-vegetarianism. I'm willing to eat meat for sustenance, but I have a certain level of distaste for it. I'd prefer to eat things like berries and flowers (really disappointed the only edible flowers trigger my...
  3. fleetofwings


    Ok huge identity crisis, I thought I was a mudwing, then a wolf, an well… I saw another dragon- the second I find another animal I see a dragon in the mirror- this ones a skywing allow me please...