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Found 52 results

  1. Under "primary identity" options, we do not have a suitable option for identifying as a "deity" or a being that we would consider falls under the category of a god. Celestial is the closest one, but having a more specific option would be helpful. If we can have "concept" as a primary identity, then I think we can have "deity" as an option. They are both about equally as controversial kintypes.
  2. The Christmas holiday philters are still not in the shop. Also, here are a few extra philters as a Christmas gift to Kinmunity. Blue-Yellow Philter - #84978A color Nullifier Philter - Strikethrough (alternatively: Black (#000000) color) Gold VIP Philter - Gold (#FFD700) color Locked Philter - #444444 glow Reset Button Philter - OrangeRed [PLAIN](#FF4500)[/PLAIN] shadow (coloring this red would result in a color conflict) P.S. The latter 4 philters are items made into philters. The Nullifier is planned to nullify items usable on other's effects. As a philter, it nullifies your user title. The Gold VIP Card promotes you to a Gold VIP. As a philter, your title gets Gold VIP. The Lock is a mysterious item. It might do something. As a philter, it gives your title a dark grey glow, making it seem like it is locked in a videogame. The Reset Button was planned to deactivate your account. Now, I guess it should be able to be used for an enforced break (of no longer than 1 month). As a philter, it gives a reddish orange shadow, making it look like you blew it up. Also, if you're wondering, this isn't my return. Unless I exit the staff reserves and become ready to moderate.
  3. I see that folks have been putting their "Grill Me" posts in the introduction forum. In my opinion, this is clogging up the forum and making actual introductions harder to see because current members have their grill me topics up. Would it not make more sense for current members to put their "grill me" posts in DYT?
  4. I was just thinking how I'd like my entry message into the chat to be "AceOfTricks has slunk into the room" rather than "AceOfTricks has joined the room". It'd be fun to have custom entrance and exit text.
  5. Yeah, I know there are already a ton of channels on discord, but there isn't one specifically for talking about music. I dunno how many other people would want something like this, but I think it would be nice to have a dedicated channel for talking about music, posting your favorite songs or what you're listening to, stuff like that. If this would just clutter up discord too much, I wouldn't really care if it wasn't added, I just don't know where music-specific talk would go, since cluttering up lobby with it is probably a bad idea :3
  6. We have a bunch of channels for specific topics. Regularly, conversations are moved to those channels when they get too extensive or dominating, and less regularly, people just have to initially be made aware of the channels in the first place. However I have noticed that if it's a really brief mentioning it still may get moved, which over time can make the lobby's actual purpose a little unclear and it starts to sound more specific rather than just a general chat area. My suggestion (or request) is not new channels because this has been discussed god knows how many times, but rather the tiniest bit more clarification on what is allowed in the lobby - rather than just "anything" - because I can't always tell what lobby's real purpose is besides the generic exchanging of pleasantries. Some topics are suggested to be moved in weird places (DYT has been suggested for "anything that doesn't have a channel" recently, which I thought lobby was for) or moved to separate channels for non-dominating mentions; like someone mentioning a computer being funky and it's making them reply a little slower to the current discussion being told to go to, like...#tech It's possible I'm the only one who gets a little confused about this. I just thought I'd ask about it. At minimum, maybe I can just get a short explanation out of this if it's just me that's confused? Either way, thanks for your time! Happy admin-ing~
  7. can we get a NSFW discord voice chat?
  8. Give those with the Megalixir a role color, preferably a nice shade of purple or cyan. I prefer cyan myself, but some people will like purple. This is possible since Discord allows custom role colors. Edit: Paint Buckets are added, this likely isn't necessary.
  9. [PLURALSYS=color_hue=0;Eren]I think it'd be convenient to have the ability to customize what sites you can put in your contact section!! Like, the ability to choose if you wanna put a Kik username instead of a Skype one, or the ability to choose to put down a Deviantart or an AO3 account!! I know it's possible to put it in your about me section, but the contact section is specifically for contact and it seems more convenient to have customizable sites to use!![/PLURALSYS]
  10. Because its useful information that people would like to see. Also, when people put more and more threads on 'Chit Chat' it will fall behind and others will need to search it back to back.
  11. Hiatus Status

    I think that it would be a good idea to have some sort of indicator on one's forum profile to let others know that the user has not been active recently or is on hiatus https://i.gyazo.com/d6a1538292d0d23f52e2c87e4e7e3ce2.png (this thing) Here is what I would suggest 1. Have the hiatus status appear after someone has made a "departure" thread on the Scent Rolling forum. 2. Have the hiatus status appear after the user has been inactive for over 30 days I believe that this status would be useful when users are posting on threads that have been running for a long time. They can have a way of knowing whether someone they might want to reply to will be active enough to likely respond to their reply in an older thread.
  12. I was just thinking, since the rules on the board state that you must be over 18 to either organize or participate in a Howl, wouldn't it make more sense for the board itself to be in The Burrows? It would mean you wouldn't have to deal with people not reading the rules if the board is only accessible to people who already meet the age requirement.
  13. More moods

    I feel the mood changer should have more moods, to correctly describe the more emotionally mysterious. Some moods that should be added: Hopeful o_O Exhausted :hushedface: Worried :pensive2: Apathetic :( Doubtful :rolleyes: Confident :angel: Mystical I tried assigning faces...
  14. Since #dyt isn't the proper place for memes apparently, we need a #meme channel. Solar would be proud.
  15. Mobile forum names (again)

    Currently my phone is my only way to access the Internet. I was wondering if there was a way that the forum descriptions could be made more visible for mobile users. I found a list of them posted in a misplaced thread to try to help the user but other people might not find it.
  16. Begging threads are not permitted anywhere, including the Bazaar, so we don't need the thread prefix. As for it's "other" use, it can be used to fish for requests, if that's permissible then the tag should be changed to Requesting.
  17. Maybe I'm just complaining unreasonably, but I spend 99% of my online time on mobile, and unfortunately, I'm not able to see the descriptions for each forum. I'm mostly concerned about the forums in the Dens, as those have some rather obscure titles, so I don't really know what goes where. Thanks!
  18. In the preview for threads, the like rating is displayed with prioriry over the love rating. For example, at the time of writing this, https://www.kinmunity.com/threads/changing-my-opinions.3184/ has 3 likes and 3 loves. When it is viewed from outside, it looks like this [MEDIA=imgur]DcOUVCV[/MEDIA] Since "love" is the more "powerful" rating, I suggest that it be the one previewed instead of "like."
  19. As mentioned in a post ( from this thread: https://www.kinmunity.com/threads/system-questions.2626/ ) , colors for Plural System BBCode is a demand that will be attended. This is just a self-reminder to don't forget this demand again.
  20. I noticed there isn't a stressed option for the mood changer. Which is what I was actually wanting at the moment. No idea what to use as the icon.
  21. The $2 for 600Ƀ package still is missing. As for the new bone package, some people might be interested in a $10 for 3800Ƀ package.
  22. Seems like it's completely unrelated.
  23. When a group is open the groups personal forum posts show up on the "New Posts" function on the communities home page. The demonkin group I own is open. People see our group forums posts in the "New Posts". They are replying to our threads not realizing it's in our group. I want to keep the group open but this is causing some problems. Could we either do: ●The groups ribbon in front of the topic name when it shows up. Example: [Demonkin] Feeding ●Or just stop them from showing up period? Thanks.
  24. Sweet emoji

    (Get it?) Before the site reset, we had a bunch of cool emoji options. I'm hoping we can see those back soon. Don't worry, I realize that there's still plenty to do to finish the recovery, but don't forget about the fun smilies :-)
  25. Let me preface this by saying this is super trivial, and I'm sorry for that. I was noticing just now that when someone you follow posts to their blog, it says "posted to his/her blog." Is it possible to change his/her to "their," to be more inclusive/less clunky?