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Found 18 results

  1. 32Qs-26,27,28,29,30,31,32

    Species Dysphoria? Not really? I do encounter general dysphoria and dysmorphia, partly related to trans stuff and self image. The Divine experiences the strongest discomfort with a human shell, and is probably the closest to having actual full-blown species dysphoria. Do you have any behaviors or quirks you attribute to your kintype? Each system member has their own... Ellie/opossum hoards the last bit of most food 'for a rainy day'... and usually forgets about it. Eats veggie and fruit scraps most would compost, eats most food at fridge temperature unless stopped... etc. Tharon's a lazy one. He'll judge the situation from afar and only join in if it absolutely requires his attention. Apathren tends to stare much and speak little. It can be a little unnerving. Also holds her arms 'weird.' Divinity thinks every remotely religious song is about them. /You're welcome./ Do you have any thought processes or instinctual responses you attribute to your kintype? Apathren squishes tight when spooked, while Ellie jolts away. Tharon, Divinity, and the dragon usually turn to face a disturbance. Otherwise, I'm not so sure. Not really? Personality Traits? Mostly expressed as above. As far as I know. Ethics, morals, beliefs? Tharon, Divinity, and the dragon have almost frighteningly black and white moral compasses. Or, in Tharon's case, gray and black. For Tharon, everything is fine and most likely dis-interesting until it crosses the line into punishable black. Divinity sees to the internal world order, and this sometimes leaks into indignant, righteous fury at the external world order. Dragon believes she is heir and ruler of all things. Somehow, this does not seem to conflict with Divinity. Perhaps they haven't noticed one another distinctly yet? Why and how are these related to kintype? Primarily, the line between kintype and psychology is thin for system members. Besides, how could I ever claim to know how a lion, snake, opossum, or etc really feel? I only know how semi-magical mentally ill anthropomorphized entities in a multiple system which resemble certain animals feel. Regardless, these general observations seem correlated with who is fronting or interested in the front. Fun deviations occur when that's more than just Ellie and/or Divinity. To Ellie, Apathren seems very snake, and to Apathren, Tharon seems very lion. Has kin identity been positive, negative, or neutral? Have you ever denied your kin-ness? Primarily neutral to positive, though occasionally depression and the chaos of being a mentally ill teenager made it seem so... fanciful and false and just more proof of failure. I attempted to be singulate and human for four years, and it didn't work out. Just not for me. Would you change your kin type if possible? Nah. I'm sure as the system changes, grows, shrinks, and all the other things that happen during life, I will experience both many more and many less kin entities. What is here is here, and I love being who I am right now. What will go will go, and come will come.
  2. 32Qs-23,24-Locations

    Are there locations that feel in tune with kintype? Natural landscapes, open-air buildings or interiors, tall trees and landscapes with grand elevation differences. Which is all rather funny because the human is VERY scared of heights. Luckily for Me, I live in the forests in a landscape with most of those elements. Although the knobs are waaay smaller than mountains, they still satisfy that inbuilt want for a high vantage point. Tharon, Ellie, and the Divine inform My preferences regarding buildings and interior design. I prefer open air with woody, natural elements. Natural lighting, abundance of plants and window space, a forest breeze... but also highly contrasted by taste for luxury. Gold and silver, marble, dorian pillars and ornate pillow piles... In modern spaces, it can be difficult to blend these elements and goals. Locations that feel dissonant with kintype? Cities. Fluorescent and neon lights. Machinery sounds, warehouses, Lowes. Polluted waterways, unhealthy waterways, waterways that flow straight and not with the natural curves of landscape. Pools. Teeny tiny cramped apartments. Suburbs, with rows and rows and rows of semi-identical houses and short turf. Stressed forest, with huge expanses of dead trees and invasive species. Those weird retro/mid century modern interior designs. Ever feel homesick? Not lately. I am lucky to live where I do. Dragon occasionally wants a more mountainous, craggy landscape.
  3. 32Qs-22-Past Lives

    Describe any past life memories. Not all of these are distinctly kin-related. Gf and I have a few spiritual perceptions in common--concious awareness is like a wave on the surface of the ocean. The wave is an individual, yet is also still the ocean water. They are not separate, and the wave, indeed, does not exist without water below and within it. I think Gautama Buddha described it best, but that's My attempt. All individuals are also the whole--We are all one another and the great cosmic whole. While an individual wave, it can be hard to see the whole ocean because you are so driven to look at and race toward the shore. It's easy to forget we are all one. Each wave rolls in, breaks upon the rock, and rolls back into the ocean. Every wave is a unique mixture of particles that have all been part of different waves, and have sometimes sank deeper and not been in a wave for a while. Sometimes the water cycle draws specific particles out, and they rejoin the ocean and waves as rain. Etc Etc. While I may not have a completely Buddhist idea about how reincarnation functions, I see every living and nonliving being as an expression of this infinite cosmic energy ocean. While you and I might seem very separate and individuated right now, perhaps at some point our energy particles have been, or will be, part of a person or tree together. I don't necessarily see reincarnation as linked to karma, because I don't see the path of reincarnation as a linear one, or one separated out into lineages/per person. Mean human, worm, cat, dog, heron, lotus, cow, nice human, Bodhisattva is too linear for My beliefs. Similarly, time is very nonlinear to Me. That's both psychological (I run on standard pagan time, so I am always 30 minutes late. I also run on mentally ill time, so My perception of 'fast' or 'slow' time running isn't modulated the way most people's run) and spiritual (Sometimes 'mentally ill time' is 'divine time'.) So are the bounds of reality/universe. All the possible things are occurring simultaneously, and our brains meter it out into units of time so we can make sense of it. Everything a person holds true is true for themself in that moment (which is actually infinity.) (and the person is also actually infinity.) So, after all that babble, I'll finally answer the question. Most of My memories feel like deja-vu if I'm not guided into them. Gf and I have worked with a few distinct sequences that I remember more clearly than others. There was some lifetime that I was a human with short red hair, in a monastic setting. There was some lifetime that I was a songbird living on or near a cactus. There was some lifetime that I lived in water, either an alligator or a crocodile. The list goes on. As for kin-related past life memories, Ellie remembers both opossum elements of a lifetime, and angelic/energetic/alien elements of other lifetimes. Tharon flat says he's never been an earth lion that he knows of, but it looks fun. He has memories of serving as guardian or adjudicator in various lifetimes and forms. His angelic/energetic elements are timeless and usually without a distinct birth or death, more just a functional change to suit his 'job.' Apathren has a lot of snakey memories and predispositions. She remembers being different species and in different ecosystems. She usually remembers birth and initial competition, and death. Almost all of these are of earth snakes. The dragon comes to tell stories, sometimes. Usually brief flashes, never anything concrete. Might just be stories, not memories. Divinity remembers a lot of forms and a lot of lack of forms. Nothing distinct, that any of us remember. The earliest divine form, when this human was young, had a lot of specific alien memories. Planets and cultures and events lightyears away and lightyears past. The gateway brought its own slew of information and persons, each echoing the last. Weird to have a whole People in your head.
  4. 32Qs-19,20,21-Identity

    What led you to identify 'as' kintype rather than 'with?' That has mostly been a wordless feeling. Like when looking at older pictures of oneself and feeling that moment of recognition. You look different and it may take your brain a second to spark. Or recognizing a facial trait in older pictures of family. I, Ellie, get a similar spark looking at opossums. Tharon doesn't come up to look at lions very often, but all of us get a fuzzy familiarity feeling from imagery or ideas of angels. Apathren gets excited about seeing real world snakes, more so than pictures or descriptions, but that may come from a want to eat them. A good example of an experience different from that is horses. I love horses. I could look at horses all day, but I am not a horse. I understand and empathize with horses, their motives and expressions. I totally understand being so immensely big and powerful, and also playful. Still not a horse, though. I even get occasional cameos of hooves, but I'm still not a horse, deer, or unicorn. (Although some deep internal thing shifted at the mention of unicorn, so I'll look into it.) I can empathize with My dog. She seems euphoric, a bundle of manic energy! So much to look at! The world is so novel I have to BARK AT IT! And RUN! But My manic and euphoric states still aren't dogness, no matter how I feel kinship and identify with her state of being or the concept of dogs in general. There is definitely a line, somewhere, that makes Me take that empathy into sympathy. Though it also raises questions about My other identities. What makes Me genderqueer? Am I just identifying WITH instead of AS genderqueer? How could one tell in concrete terms? All I really have to go on is feelings and notions and behaviors, but I have a lot of those. To what extent are you non-human? Do you identify as human alongside kintype? I only 'identify as' human far enough that I can comedically acknowledge that I'm piloting an abstractly intelligent hairless monkey. It's a divine joke. It seems so silly to Me. But it is a wonderful setting for an equal learning and playing field. Guess I have to learn humility, so I was born human this time around! :P Regardless, I don't identify as human. I recognize I'm driving a human, and in a human society, and am seen as human, but I don't feel connected to a shared 'human' identity. I try My best to understand 'human' cultural identity, but don't presume everyone I see is distinctly culturally or spiritually human. I find a lot of people don't ever think too hard about it, and therefore don't 'identify as' human, themselves even if they don't identify as something non-human. What led to current beliefs regarding psychological or spiritual origin of kin-ness? Have you ever believed differently, or seriously questioned your position? The most recent impact has been My return to active spirituality, and working directly on understanding My psyche through trauma work and dialectical behavior therapy. Prior to that, My beliefs and understandings weren't really solid. When I felt positive, I had a mostly spiritual slightly psychological view. When I felt upset or abysmal or low self worth, I dropped the spiritual view in favor of "Well, I'm just crazy and don't deserve the luxury of a real identity. Everything I do and am is fake. Wah." Denying oneself the most basic of self acceptance is a quick ticket to never having any at all. I've hit lots of horrific lows, and only in the last two years have I started climbing the walls of the deep pit. While I'm still in the floodplains, mental health wise, I don't deny Myself identity just on depressed principle. I find that Psycho-spiritual belief suits how I live My life, how I view and approach events and people, and how I write My internal narrative. I view both as innate and crucial elements of My conscious awareness. My spiritual body cannot exist without a psychological understanding, and My psychological body cannot exist without a spiritual understanding. That's without even touching non-humanity as a topic!
  5. 32Qs-13,14,15,16,17,18-Re: Shifting

    Since some of these come in groups, I will list them in groups that commonly occur together. Shifts are always some combination of the background divinity/energy and whomever is fronting. If members are co-fronting, this can lead to interesting or inconvenient combinations of perception and sensation. Phantom shifts usually cover a few very strong sensations or perceptions--Wings, tails, facial shapes, height, density/weight, and postures. Mental shifts extend further than the usual awareness/presence of a system member in the front. Usually some amount of sensory shift is present. Tharon is usually digitigrade paws, light feather wings, two faces, flat/muscular chest, and about 6'5" height. Mentally, his attention is rapt on the outside world. He is far more observant of and reactive to smells, sounds, sights, and sensations. He feels wary, and is usually judging the environment and people in it. He is reactive in a non-verbal way, and will 'settle in' when comfortable, or leave/confront when uncomfortable. Apathren feels very long. Limbs seem less distinct in sensory perception. A touch to the elbow is registered as a touch to the side of the body, etc. A lot of Apathren's other sensory awareness focuses around the head and face. The face area almost seems hyper sensitive, and I find that we usually have a slight, sweet smile even if not happy. Apathren has a flat affect, and can have trouble communicating verbally and with body language. She isn't bothered by that, as she is far more interested in learning and introspective thought. She is not reactive, and doesn't front often. Ellie is the primary fronter. Her physical shifts usually focus on a sense of smallness, but high density. Long tail. Grabby hands and feet. Ellie, like Tharon, has feathery wings. She's got a big nose and lots of fluff and a very passive but excited frame of mind. If nothing is going wrong, then everything is going GREAT! But as soon as conflict arises, she gets bleary and confused. Insert joke about playing possum. There's a nameless crystal wyrmling in here, maybe 15ft long and 10ft at standing height. Their physical shifts come with a sense of sharpness, bigness, and a want for languid repose and control over others/situation. Wings. Tail. Teeth. I find our resting face to be a sharp, predatory smile. The dragon seems less sensory-centered, and requires focus to match Tharon's level of sensory observation. She doesn't surface often, so there's not too much to write. System-wide divinity/energy is usually experienced as a sense of bigness. The primary parts of the phantom shift are a sense of being about 9' tall, humanoid, and shrouded in a mist or aura with a solid halo suspended inside. The shroud with halo is usually the key focus, or primary seat of awareness. There is a tail and wings sometimes, and other times these are barely present/are not the focus. The mental shift is stronger than the phantom shift, at the time of this writing. I've been in "Wise Mind", a state best described in DBT texts, many times, and none of My waking wisdom and patience compares to the high of being god. Eternity is like a candy to pop into one's mouth, in this state. Time perception, now that I mention it, basically goes down the drain. On light days, this means I am late to the carpool by 15 minutes. On heavier shift days, I lose track of the whole day until somebody enters My awareness and makes mouth noises about all the stuff I've missed. It's lovely for walks in the woods and ritual, not so much for Monday Midmornings. Involuntary Shifts (Mental, Phantom) Usually in times of distress, confusion, or decision making. Feeling spacious and powerful, or comforted by the presence of a system member, can make stress more bearable. Some decisions and designs seem more clear when in a mental shift with primarily divine/energy elements. Other members, like Ellie and Tharon, have strong opinions and tendencies toward certain emotional states and reactions. I generally also class any shift I did not intentionally start as involuntary, though usually I can choose to hone in or focus on one or several elements to control, lessen, or increase. Frequency changes with the needs and challenges of the time period. As of this year, Involuntary shifts occur on a weekly basis. Involuntary shifts seem to be more psychological in origin than spiritual. Voluntary Shifts (Mental, Phantom) Voluntary shifts, on the other hand, are more spiritual than psychological in origin. Any shift I specifically caused, called, or otherwise started of My own accord is personally classed as voluntary. These usually begin in ritual or with a meditative focus, or with various breathing and power exercises throughout the day. Sometimes, all it takes is to shift awareness to My aura or to specific phantom or etheric limbs, to call a certain member to the front, or to settle into spacious sensation. These shifts occur on a daily basis as a method of exercising and exploring Myself. Occasionally, a voluntary shift will "stick around" once I return to mundane life. Dream I have trouble with dreams. Prior to beginning therapy for trauma and acknowledging I had to unpack baggage, I never remembered dreams. I had terrifying nightmares and terrors, and forgot their content upon waking. In the past year, I have had vivid and often outlandish dreams that I always remember in the morning. I almost never understand symbolism and messages, no matter how I try to rationalize it. I usually 'see' Myself in dreams as an anthropomorphized form of one or several system members, or as a misty/obscured 'divine' form. Recently, I have dreams where I am 'in' My human body as it is in daytime, but have a very depersonalized sensation throughout the dream. It seems very obvious that the human body is an illusion or tool, and isn't where My awareness lives. I feel more 'in' system or divine bodies. The settings seem just as mixed between fantasy and reality as when 'in' human body. Occasionally, Apathren dreams as a literal Earth snake. It is rare, and usually only briefly. Other My Astral experiences are few and far between, and sensory shifting usually occurs as a part of a mental shift. Not much else to document, here.
  6. 32Qs-10,11,12-Re: Species

    Did you know your species at awakening? Somewhat. It's a little hard to call amorphous alien energy a species. During My youth, I 'just knew'. Memories and phantom shifts came to Me, and since there wasn't much contradicting evidence, I allowed that to join My other treasured memories and truths. My expansive gateway system seemed to confirm it in concert regularly. Up until recently, My kintype has been more concept or fantasy based than earth-species. I mean, an angel lion (sorry to namedrop Tharon) is still very mythic and beyond Earth. I perceive most of these concrete notions as symbolism for a greater energy. I have such and such system members of such and such species/representation because of such and such symbols, which can teach Me a lesson or otherwise impart knowledge. When the ideas carried in that form are imparted, the form changes to share new wisdom. The divine and energetic elements stay primarily the same, and give very similar 'vibes' as they did in youth. How was this verified or explored? Were there any other discoveries? The same way most folk explore/verify non-physical identities. As an adult, I've spent a lot of time reviewing and probing My various sensations, predispositions, and identities. I used to look only briefly, just scraping the gift into My lap without paying attention to what it was meant for or how to use it. I employ both psychology and spirituality in exploring Myself, with biological and socio-cultural models of analysis. Other awesome discoveries, on top of still being a multiple system and non-human include BPD, PTSD, and some sort of psychosis. Not entirely sure how that web got so tangled together, but also not sure how untangling it would impact daily life. Have you ever mis-identified, or otherwise been mistaken regarding species? I won't lie, I really did want to be a wolf as a kid. Just because you wear a furry mask, doesn't mean you are. My alien and divine nature has long outlived all other frames of identification--especially the ones I tried to 'give' to Myself instead of forming naturally. I often find Myself wishing My identity and frames of reference were simpler, less fantastical. Perhaps, if only I became mundane or simplified, some of My other problems (lookin' at you, BPD+PTSD) would also get smaller and less assertive. But truthfully, the more of Me I try to hide, the more *I* become small and less assertive. I get overpowered by what would usually be a standard challenge. So, really, I just sit back and let it ride. If it's really so important that I'm this or that or the other, it will occur without My wishing or prompting. At least in the identity realm. Doesn't always work that way with other things, like flat tires and a hungry belly.
  7. 32Qs-8-Did you know of Otherkin?

    Did you know of non-humanity prior to awakening? Did learning about otherkin trigger or influence awakening? One of My oldest spiritual principles is that all things are possible, and exist in some form in some universe. Even if not in this physical manifestation, perhaps it intersects with this life as dreams, imagination, intuition, or astral. Though I was a lot less eloquent and didn't know specifically of otherkin/therian vocabulary or community, I definitely knew and believed that not every human was as they seemed. Learning the lexicon and experiences of otherkin and therians through social contact and literature did contribute to My final awakening and identity. If I hadn't had a social need to learn new ways of exploring and describing, I'd likely still just be murkily similar in concept, but ultimately undefined.
  8. 32Qs-7-Shifts/Feels prior to awakening?

    Did you experience shifts/feelings of non-humanity prior to awakening? Yes. Before I developed a solid declaration of identity, or even an understanding on psychological and spiritual levels of how identity works, I felt 'weird' on a regular basis. Being who I am, neurologically, feeling 'weird' was My normal throughout youth. Meeting kids who could easily segue between pretending and the real world blew My mind, and also made Me bitter. Kids that could sit firmly in the bodily driver seat, without questioning it or dissociating out of it, seemed like a completely different species. "What do you MEAN you aren't a non-corporeal gooey energy being intersecting with a human child!?" I experienced regular phantom and mental shifts, and non-humanity vividly colored My early perceptions and spirituality.
  9. 32Qs-456-Re:Awakening

    Did something specific cause awakening? No. At least, not for the initial non-human identities I held prior to 2007. 2007-2014 was a more social time of youth, and I had to develop vocabulary to describe and share with others. It simply took a little while to find the right 'others.' There's a correlation with feeling more solid on identity and social activity. How long did awakening last? I'd say the foundations were set in youth, but nothing really solid came of it until the 2009 era. I looked inward instead of running blind, and probed the 'edges' and shapes of My own psyche. What did awakening feel like? It was mostly lost in the messy soup of stress and negativity I was enduring in those years. My most recent personal and identity developments, like the collapse and growth of multiplicity or exploring the extremes of opossum-dragon, are positive and gentle
  10. 32Qs-3-When was your awakening?

    "When was your awakening?" For My current kintypes and system members, it has been fairly recent. Ellie's definitely been an opossum since February 2016, although She first arose as a median presence in the system that existed at that time. Apathren arrived next, first coiled up in My dreams, then during day to day life during winter. She has stayed primarily median, or at the very least quiet. Tharon let himself in the front door in spring 2017, and hasn't left. He was quite clear about his arrival, and that his spear should be given a place of honor. But if we're talking My first kin experiences, that is a long, long time ago. I played plenty of pretend as a kid. I loved being the bunny in the pet shop that turned into a shrieking chocobo only after you'd signed the papers. But that was definitely a game, and not of personal importance. I also loved looking at and thinking about and playing as horses. I grew up on a horse farm, and learned early to care for and communicate with arabian horses. (Anything bigger scares the bejeez out of Me, and therefore makes My 'Woah' ineffective.) But that was, at best, empathy for and interest in horses. Definitely wasn't a horse, myself. But a giant shapeshifting alien, estranged from her ruined civilization and born as a human? Totally Me. I was very, very personally invested in My narrative, supported by dreams and vague intuitions and feelings like I should be gelatinous, mutable and mutating and immeasurable. And also pretending to be a wolf because wolves were awesome and I liked the family format of packs. "Wolf" was not My kintype. Estranged reborn alien was. I was a weird kid. At that time, I didn't know all that much about other people with nonhuman identities and experiences. I didn't learn about that until somewhere around 2007. I spent some time outside of My "wolf" outfit, and was a "vampire". I don't really think these were x-hearted or kin experiences. Looking up vampire related media and social groups lead to learning about otherkin concepts, though I didn't make social contact at the time. By the time I did, it was somewhere around 2010. I had gently set down My costume-wearing, and was getting to the meat of what My long-term alien feelings meant, and discovered dietykin as a result. I networked with otherkin, made friends. Shortly after, the gateway system quietly thrumming in the background of My awareness closed. I faced an identity crisis of magnitudes greater than I'd ever faced before (doesnt say all that much, since I was only 14 and recently abused.) I cut ties with all of My networks and friends, and tried to just handle being singulate and human in the aftermath. That didn't work for long. In 2012, My attempts at having a plain wolf fursona failed. Hard. A six-eyed, horned god had emerged in My psyche and they wouldn't rest until everything was pastel pink and dangerous looking. My attempts at staying human failed, and I returned to otherkin-friendly social circles. In 2014, a dark goddess arose. In late 2015/early 2016, a huge life change caused the two divinities to re-absorb into a more ambiguous, but single entity. That entity, or sense of singular-ness, has slowly split, first median style then individually, into the current members. The gateway remains closed. I'm still pretty ??? about this whole process, but at least I'm here and alive.
  11. 32Qs-2-Spiritual or Psychological?

    "Do you identify for spiritual or psychological reasons?" Honestly, My kin-ness and multiple-ness are informed by spirituality and psychology. Nobody goes through life without some bumps, and I started the race with some pretty interesting (read: life interrupting and either really awesome or really awful on a daily basis) neurochemistry. I can't deny, and generally won't since I'm a very 'who knows' kind of person, how much My psychology is completely interwoven in every facet of My life. That being said, so is spirituality. I've used myths and archetypes to explore and describe Myself since youth (At age six, I was a 14ft tall alien princess who chose to look like a wolf because wolves were pretty cool. You go, six year old Me!) and later, after My prefrontal cortex had developed a lil more, expanded that into eclectic paganism and a spiritual path derived from and related to My system and kintypes. Spiritual exploration and explanation are one of the few things that have stayed solid through My various huge persona and life shifts. Even when I tried out being a singulate human for four years, I still found Myself drawn to magic and mysticism like moth to flame. The silenced Divinity in Me did not stay smothered for long. (Of course, neither did all My mental illness junk. They might be the same thing.) That being said, it's very interesting to explore the different forms of influence psychology and spirituality have had on My own identity, and that of others. The more I learn, the more I see and can comfortably explore threads of My being. I merely needed to develop the vocabulary, first.
  12. 32Qs-1-What is your kintype?

    Commentary on the 32 self-grilling-questions resource has inspired Me to answer one question daily, in blog format. Since I am not online on a daily basis, I will be posting infrequently. I will 'schedule ahead' posts when possible, but otherwise will only post on days I am online. This best gives Me time to give each question its due. "What is your kintype?" My primary kintype depends on who has been fronting, and why. Ellie, artistically represented as a huge (usually anthro) winged opossum, has been the primary front for nearly half a year. She has strong tendencies toward gentleness and enjoyment, perhaps a ratchet or two shorter than hedonism. While She is the primary front, I avoid conflict and seek pleasure and comfort as daily goals. Others front alone less often, and co-front alongside Ellie or whomever is driving. Co-fronting usually adds interesting phantom shifts and behavior patterns--it is rare that this leads to conflict, but it has in the past. Tharon is somehow both lion and angel, with an easy manner... so long as all is going according to his definition of 'right.' Apathren, best described as a pale scaled python with bright blue eyes (usually anthropomorphized as a naga), is very very quiet. They watch, and learn, then observe some more. They pay attention to details usually overlooked as unimportant, and appear when a crucial detail is about to be missed or forgotten. Sleeping beneath the others is a pink wyrmling. I'm not so sure what She's doing here. All of these median and distinct personas are veiled within the presence of 'dietykin.' Through all the changes in personas over the years, there is an omnipresent power with no name. It feels both distinctly an identity and... not. As a very spiritual person, I occasionally rationalize it to be My link to the universal divine. But if it is universal, then why does it feel so personal, so much so that it's like My otherkin experiences? Tl;dr, multiple system contains: opossum lion/angel python/naga wyrmling divinity
  13. Music and Art

    So I've been on this site for like a couple weeks and I haven't really met anyone. That's why I'm making this thread. I'd like to meet some new people, who I have things in common with. So I know we have this on our profiles, but what kind of music do you like? Do you play video games? Can you art? (i can slightly) I actually some of my art in the gallery, so you can look at that if you want, its in the traditional art album. And my favorite bands consists of mainly Green Day, Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At The Disco. (i do listen to a lot of bands tho.) Reply if you want to talk to me more. :)
  14. Spirit

    From the album Drawings

    Hopefully one day i will be able to draw this correctly.
  15. Wings

    From the album Paintings

    I am birdkin, although i do not know what ,y wings look like as they are phantom wings so i just make them black, to resemble the absence of visuals.

    © x_bluejay_x

  16. me :v

    my kin... o 3 o guess that´s all
  17. The Amazing Atheist?

    I'm not sure where this should go so I apologize if this isn't the correct spot. I often go on tumblr just for silly little gifs and the like, but recently I have begun to just go through the 'otherkin' tag to have a peak. I get curious, it happens. Recently the community has been freaking out about a video that The Amazing Athiest has made and have; 1) sent him so many asks, trying to defend themselves, that he has had to close his inbox 2) effectively gone into hiding and called him horribly ableist when it comes to the subject matter. 3) have gotten mad countless times at otherkin, within the site, who point out to everyone why people make fun of the community and that they should not be mad that they have pretty much been called out. Apparently the whole "think of the children" argument is being flung around, saying that older members MUST help the younger ones defend themselves if they are to be targeted so to speak. Originally after the first otherkin related video this man has made there wasn't going to be much more about it, however with the way the community has recoiled on itself he has said there will definitely be a follow up. I'm just wondering what everyone feels about this whole thing. I am still learning about this whole thing myself since literally just this morning is when I found out about the whole thing. I apologize if this is a mish-mosh, but hopefully those who know about this can understand what I am referencing.
  18. Healthy Mind, Healthy Life!

    Hello everyone! I'm Talonvane, but feel free to just call me Talon! I earned a degree in psychology and have been counseling people for a very long time, with problems that do relate to my own. I'm offering the chance to anyone and everyone to message me if they are ever experiencing difficulties, or just need to chat something out to someone else. Everyone deserves a listening ear!! Dont be a stranger! -Talon