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  1. REI'S CAT


    This is how I feel when I shift sometimes. Felt very euphoric to draw this, although it took like 4 hours.
  2. elementshift

    Alterhuman Journal #2

    so while having a great conversation with a werewolf kin, i have been able to determine that i am some type of werebeast kin, but since i broadly relate to all canids and not wolves in specific, i am not entirely sure if i'm a werewolf, nor do i want to assume that as a given. one canid that i...
  3. circle-cropped (2).png

    circle-cropped (2).png

    drew myself a pfp as my kintype!!!! i hope u enjoy!
  4. D

    Kin type forums?

    A forum for posting threads like for example: -a one called wolf which they talk about being wolfkin, gear, experiences, tips, and other things related to that kintype! ie- here’s a cool tail I found! insert link here I wish to see this because Its hard to find others of your kin/fickin type...
  5. wolfcore

    Favorite Kintype pictures!

    For any otherkin out there, what is your favorite picture of your kintype! This is one of my favorites, a wolf among a flower field, just makes me feel peaceful