1. TheLonelyPath

    Dreams vs Reality. Something I Hope Helps

    Read Carefully This is Not a Joke. **I am not selling anything or spamming!!** I have been wondering if you all would indulge me a moment? As you all know since I am on this site I am a anthro. Like you all I have fantasies and ambitions in so many shades of grey in various areas of life and...
  2. Smoke Jaguar

    Putting a curse on someone

    Have you ever put a curse on someone and how do you break it/take it away/remove it. Lets say you changed your mind or think he/she/it had enough..... 
  3. Dove

    Past Life Memory Meditation

    This meditation will help one to connect to past lives and their true self. Begin by setting up a conducive environment. Make sure your space is quiet and comfortable, you’ll want the room to be clean. You may wish to light some incense, and put on some relaxing music. Sit in a comfortable...