1. First kin memory? Entry 5

    First kin memory? Entry 5

    Well last night was interesting, I was unable to sleep so I talked with my tulpa for an hour or smth, then out of nowhere he pulled me to a weird looking door, I went in that door and I had this short but vivid memory of a birthday? All I remember from it was ink gave me a present and I left...
  2. Ravenna Freyasdottir


    This was inspired by @sidereum angelus and will be another WIP Wolf memory: my first hunt. I was a juvie, still learning my place in the formation. My father led us in a charge at a small group of deer, and we singled out an old buck with a lame leg. Mom took me and a few other juvies to run...
  3. Dinocanid

    Pup log | Wolfkin

    My log for my wolf kintype, called pup or puppuh (pupper) by my other kintypes. This is being posted on mobile, so I'll come back and edit in the usual formatting later on. Biology: - Exact subspecies of wolf is unknown - Had black-phased fur coloration Speculation: - Presumably...
  4. Dinocanid

    Amorphous (Ammy) Log | Dragonkin

    This is where I'll keep all memories and information associated with my dragon kintype. I'm going to try to keep it chronological but it might end up in no particular order. All of the info listed below was gathered over years of meditation Name To the best of my knowledge, Amorphous...