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Found 6 results

  1. More coincidences

    I'm seeing parallels between my past life and this life, particularly with my family members like my grandfather and my dad. I learned yesterday that my grandpa is part of an astronomy group and is actually friends with famous scientists. (Yes, I'm dead serious). He said he can take me next time he goes over there. I always had this need to understand how astronomy worked even when I was 5 years old. As for the father in the other life, he was a high ranking teacher, (I'm not 100% sure about this though, still questioning it using divination. I asked if my high ranking mentor was also my parent and it came up as a yes but I still question it) and my current dad was in the special forces. I'm fully aware that it can be a coincidence but I find all of the coincidences very funny at this point. A few weeks ago I questioned being some sort of oracle after reading up on the game files and what they were capable of doing. Then, a few days ago I remembered something I almost totally forgot about: I was about 12 years old and while I was watching the movie 300 and when I saw an oracle in it, I got hit with the sudden thought and scary sensation that I might have been some sort of oracle and psychic in a past life, but it wasn't from ancient Greece. At the time, I thought it was my wild imagination and anxiety acting up and decided to ignore it without a problem. It was the same scary sensation I felt when I found my third kintype. But when I remembered it now, I thought to myself "no way." I put this under my list of coincidences. (Bonus points for me really being 100% biologically Greek) It appears that my past life has parallels to Greek culture now that I think of it, but that's where it stops. If it is possible to choose which life you go into, then perhaps these above reasons are why I chose to be born here within this family group. A few days ago, my dad was telling me how I need to go to Greece because he claimed there is a part of me that I'm missing. He has no idea..... He also said that I will feel very nostalgic and feel like I've been there before. I can't even begin to explain to him that I feel that way exactly, but to a place that doesn't even exist in this universe. No, I don't feel homesick when I think of Greece surprisingly enough even though I feel like I should but I feel homesick when thinking about Shakuras or Auir, go figure. I know that homesickness isn't always a real factor for determining a kintype or a past life but I have to question my emotions. I should feel homesick over Greece, not a fictional planet. I can't tell if feeling homesick for those planets over a country on Earth is a sure sign of my past and future lives but I sense that it is. I told my dad I know how it's like to feel homesick to places I never been to before and vaguely mentioned that I see places in dreams. He responded and said that it's not the same thing because you're not physically there and dreams are only in 2d. The thing is that the dreams I had were 3d. It was as if I was really there and the scenery was stunning. It looks to me that not everyone gets these high resolution 3d dreams. To be honest, neither do I and it's very rare when I do. I asked the tarot cards if those memories were real, and I got a yes. I asked the question different ways on different days and still got a yes. I want to explain this to my dad to the full extent but it will sound very crazy and insane so I'll leave these experiences out. "Oh yeah, I lived in a fictional world in a past life and saw a few glimpses of it in my dreams. I also get really homesick over it and it impacts me now." If anyone is following my blog posts or for those who care (if there are any), I apologize for talking so much about this one specific kintype, as much as I hate calling it one because I feel it doesn't need a label. The things I found out about this changed my beliefs and philosophies way more than knowing I was a therian ever did. I still do get my canine and feline shifts even when I try to ignore them or tune them out but they are still there and are doing well. I always knew I was a therian before I knew the word. But these new experiences are totally something else. I forgot to mention-I brought runes for divination. I don't know how good I will be with them but it looks like I am starting to get the hang of it after a few hours. I remembered being mesmerized by runes from a young age, even though I had no idea what they were or what they meant. My mom used to have a stack/deck(?) of runes in a bag and I always liked pulling one out to see what symbol I got for fun without knowing that the symbol actually meant something.
  2. Tarots and Memories

    I honestly don't know if I'm meditating right but what I do is close my eyes and listen to music and detect what thoughts and images come to me without guiding or directing it. (Turns out one image I had which was this green maze-like thing actually exists in the game as a statue. LOL!) So an image of a gravestone popped in my head, something told me it was a teacher. Then when I thought of how they died, I saw a little signal that represented an explosion or fire. After this, I went to the tarots and asked if my assumption was right. All positives and yeses. Today, I got together my selenite crystal and began to ask the question more thoroughly, to see if I was right and to apologize for forgetting. I took a picture of the results so I can remember, and it looked very promising. There were zero negative cards. Then at the end, I mentally said thank you, and pulled out the king of pentacles. Which I interpreted as a "No problem! ^.^ " I caught a sense that he was beaming so that little emoji suits it. As I age and get more experience with this life I'll probably be much better at this. I might be a bit odd and eccentric, but I'm not delusional. I am caught up with reality. I realize from an outside perspective or from a dogmatic non spiritual one, it sounds crazy. That's why I am very quiet about these things irl save for my mom who understands.
  3. Stemming from the age-old line 'but you only found your identity after finding your source material', I was wondering how many had experienced things such as shifts, feeling, even memories of their source before even getting near it. Not having seen many who say this myself, I was curious. -- With myself, you've probably seen me mention numerous times how I believe that my own instincts/reactions match up pretty close to what happened in canon events, without much/any prior leaning (heh, you think out in Saudi Arabia I knew anything about being trans? I wish I had). I've bored you all enough about my personal feelings towards London... Some things I can't explain that were just so strong and so natural to follow. Granted, I didn't experience shifts before that time, nor any memories (dream or otherwise), so I really didn't have much to go on. Like they say, things seem to click into place, I guess. As utterly weird as that sounds.
  4. Artifacts

    I brought a karambit knife off of the internet. At the time I got it just because it looks cool. But once it came from the mail. I felt drawn to it somehow.The same type of 'drawn to' as the selenite crystal I got last week. It was then that I realized the knife pretty much hit two kin types with one stone sort of deal. The knife was shaped like a claw(for my feline type) and it shone and had a similar hue to the alien's blades.Maybe it's similar to a blade I once had. Honestly when all of this new knowledge and epiphanies pile on top of each other, that's when it stops being a coincidence and the less and less I doubt it. I want to carry it with me for self defense, but I can get into trouble like that so all I can do is leave it home. I feel whole with it like with the crystal when I first got it. Those dreams I mentioned weren't just dreams. Even from the time I was 5, they had the same theme to it. I was obtaining some artifact of power and when I see artwork of my kin type's ceremonies, I feel a pang of sad bittersweet nostalgia.
  5. I've been piecing together bits and pieces, and yesterday I realized some things. I am posting this here, in case there are others with the same memories coming past here. This is what I remembered: I was in the Garden. (this is part of the same garden I most often see). The light is strong here, and again, the sky and light is not the same as on Earth. It is similar to a mixture between day and night. It's difficult to describe. As I look out over the Garden, I see a clearing, surrounded by trees, strong light over the ground, (grass like plants?) there is orange, peach colours on the ground, and water straight ahead. The sky is mostly dark. I have a feeling here, that I know this place well. I've spent a lot of time here. There is a large building behind me and as I look out at the Garden, I realize I am standing on something higher than the ground I'm looking at. (stairs feels wrong, small hill or slope perhaps). There is a feeling of great familiarity, but not ownership. I do not own this place, and there is not the pride of a gardener here. So I don't own it, and I did not make it or tend it. But I live here, next to this Garden, and I have lived here for years. It's central to the life I am remembering at that moment. A small start at writing about this latest series of memories.
  6. Seeking the Answer

    This has been plaguing me for a while now, so I decided I'd write about it here. I had a memory of when I was my kintype come to me about a year ago. I've had many others since, but this one has stood out for being more complex, and rather unpleasant. Here it is: I was in a field, standing in the shadow of a large tree behind me. There were mountains in the distance. It was a sunny day, only a few clouds in the sky. There was a tree not too far in front of me, and a rock to my front right. My past self's/kintype's adoptive father was standing in front of me. He was very distraught, pleading with me, crying even. He was begging me, "Why won't you let us be happy? Why do you choose to do this? We could've been happy! Please don't do this!" I felt no sympathy for him, only a callous anger. I held out my hand, and must've used some sort of magic to push him into the tree that was in front of me. Then I drew a sword and ran him through. I killed him. That was the end of that memory. I've been trying to figure out why I did it for a year now. I've done a lot of meditating, yet the answer has yet to reveal itself. From what I understand from other memories, I didn't seem to have a problem with any other family member, just him apparently. And I haven't had any other memories with him in it. I don't know. I'm hoping the answer will show itself eventually, I can't really force it I guess.