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Found 1 result

  1. This is a mobile game, I play it on my tablet. Funny story how I got one, one day my laptop broke down and so as a temporary replacement my mom bought me a tablet in the mean time. Little did I know I'd end up finding this untapped gaming world of mobile. I'd never known they existed before then. I play games to wind down and relax, sometimes just to have something to do. I have a really boring home, no one really talks or hangs out and whats worse the atmosphere is rather distant. Most of the people mean well and just want to be left alone to their devices, all day that is. So I've had the game Arena of Valor for a while now and really enjoy it. I don't know why but it happens to have a very toxic community and thats the only thing troubling about it for me. Someone can come in and start cursing out the team mates trying to work together and have a good time. It's a sad thing to be sure but I can't help but really love how the game works and have done over 700 matches by now. I wish that the people I played with would be more cooperative and kind to one another because to me its not about losing or winning I just want to have a good time and play hard and work together with others. I've even been reported falsely by toxic and abusive people and it just makes me really feel concerned for my health. The game that is relaxing to be sure because I love the style and game-play and something about it is really de-stressing for me...but the people who can possibly end up as your team mate in the game is scary to me and all I can do is my best. Another kind of game I like that is easy at first before incredibly hard are the matching kinds of games..the games that make you match things and slowly build your way up to creating something..I guess an example would be this cafe game I own called Manor Cafe and you get to decorate the interior. I like it but the more levels you complete the more pay to play it feels...I've beaten hard levels over time and thats no big deal though. I just wish In could decorate more. Something about that is really relaxing for me and I find it takes my mind off of stress even though its hard to put down and sometimes I can't even complete a level and continue with the game. Anyone play games that cause them joy or stress? how do you guys relax? what kind of mobile games are people into? gardening? shopping? dressing? fighting style? rpg? racing? let me know in the comments below because I would like to know.
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