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  1. howk

    The daily music thread!

    Who or what are you listening to right now? I'm listening to Will Wood.
  2. FoxyAnimations

    Favorite song(s)?

    Fun little thread where we talk about the song's we like. Music is an amazing and beautiful thing, you can do so much with it. For me I like a lot of songs, but i'll list the one's I listen to more often. All Time Low (mainly a remix.) Running With Wolves (wolf walkers version.) Warrior (as...
  3. Drakmanka

    A Dragon's Feelings on Human Music

    This blog inspired by a desire to listen to "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven late at night, when our minds are the most at peace and likely to be spiritual. In my culture, music was completely foreign. We had zero concept of it. This probably goes a long way towards explaining why even as a young...
  4. AlastairandtheWonders


    Okay so just wondering: what is your music taste like? I'll go first... Fave artists: Palaye Royale Black Veil Brides My Chemical Romance Panic at The Disco All Time Low Three Days Grace Peirce The Veil Sleeping with Sirens And so many more...
  5. L

    Music in the otherkin community

    Hi! I am currently a music student and have been thinking a lot about how music functions in different communities and how people use it to connect with one another. I am kind of new to the otherkin community and have been wondering what role music plays in this group. I have tried to find...
  6. Otterdragonwolfie

    What songs give you therian/kin vibes/goosebumps?

    the songs that give me kin vibes/goosebumps are: where's your rider by the oh hellos, ok ok by half·alive and Blackbird by Gabriel wolfchild, there are others but those are my favorite ones at the moment