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Found 11 results

  1. Any Musical fans on here?

    So, is anyone else on here (or should i say Heere) a fan of any musicals? I've been getting into that scene recently, and by recent I mean I've been obsessed with Heathers: the Musical for a year now and started listening (and watching what i can of) Be More Chill, Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen. I'm just starting to listen to Hamilton. Another musical i want to get into is Next To Normal. Anyone else like musicals? Also, recommendations on which musicals to watch/listen are appreciated!!
  2. Therian Related Music

    I put a list of songs together... It's a list of therianthropy related music. Most of it is not made about therianthropy, but reminds me of it. I would appreciate if you guys could add to this list! Therianthropy by SepticFlesh Therian by Papadosio I Don't Speak Human by OMNIA Wolf Song by OMNIA Running With the Wolves by Aurora I Know I'm a Wolf by Young Heratics The Sum by Papadosio All I Knew by Papadosio The Wolf by Phildel I Know its a short list, but Its a work in progress, so, yeah...
  3. Bandcamp

    In a world governed by streaming, some of us don't do that. I figure I'm in an extreme minority anyway, and not just because I don't use streaming services for music (I buy and listen to whole albums, not cuts; I don't use shuffle, ever; I refuse to have iTunes on my computer.) So, when some of the musicians I love made their albums available through Bandcamp for download, I started exploring it. I now use it regularly, exploring through their Bandcamp Daily (a music-review blog) or just perusing genres and sub-genres. For those of you who do listen to bands and not simply cuts, take a look through Bandcamp. It's more than worth the time taken. And if you feel that independent artists deserve more than big labels will ever give back, then Bandcamp is the best choice. Spotify offers exposure, but Bandcamp offers a living. (what I'm currently listening to on Bandcamp: Nash the Slash - And You Thought You Were Normal) Anyone else a Bandcamp fan? :-)
  4. Hey, I just wanted to share what I am doing as a professional musician. I have a band in which I have incorporated shifting and my identity. http://www.nokken.band My Facebook page is here too https://www.facebook.com/NokkenViolin/ I play a character from Scandinavian folklore called "Nokken", who was a shapeshifter that could assume the form of a horse and was a virtuoso violinist that could move the trees and winds with his music. I am just a regular horse, but adopting this stage persona allows me to integrate my identity into my concertizing in a way that is approachable to a wider audience. Playing violin is a way for me to get in touch with my horse self, as horses are principally body thinkers who rely upon muscle memory, proprioception and finely tuned coordination. For me, violin is a little bit like dressage, a fancy array of muscle training and reflexes, a dance in which I am subsumed by my instinctual mind. When I perform, my consciousness completely submerges into the momentary experience, into the animal mindset, and each movement and every note is not an intentional event but an emotional one driven by necessity and instinct. I studied violin under an internationally renown soloist and have won a few accolades in my time, including some high profile performances and collaborations. Here's a video, fully improvised music: That is my older mask, however. Now I wear one I designed myself. The rest of my outfit was made by Lupa Greenwolf, who wrote "A Field Guide to Otherkin"; it is a real horse's mane and tail that was recovered by her in an environmentally friendly way from animals that died of natural cause. The parts were then ritually purified. I am also an art director of a contemporary music organization. I'll be touring museums soon with a new project collaborating with singers, curators, composers and visual artists in which I act like a horse and play the violin.
  5. Music and Art

    So I've been on this site for like a couple weeks and I haven't really met anyone. That's why I'm making this thread. I'd like to meet some new people, who I have things in common with. So I know we have this on our profiles, but what kind of music do you like? Do you play video games? Can you art? (i can slightly) I actually some of my art in the gallery, so you can look at that if you want, its in the traditional art album. And my favorite bands consists of mainly Green Day, Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At The Disco. (i do listen to a lot of bands tho.) Reply if you want to talk to me more. :)
  6. Music Tastes

    This thread can be used to gauge the tastes of my fellow kin. Yet, I'd rather just discuss the differences we have in music tastes, and how much is based on generation. For example, when I want to hear new music, I either go to streaming services like Jamendo or Soma FM. Both are free to use, no subscription fees, and offer music I like to hear. Bandcamp also steers me through the tastes of the musicians I follow there (and buy their music.) Again, they offer free streaming, though it does help when you buy albums/cuts from artists. When I look at the thread "What are you listening to?" I notice that when any conversation crops up at all, it's almost always among people who are close in generation/age. And honestly? I don't recognize even a tenth of what's posted or discussed. I suspect the same reaction happens for the musicians I post. As I detailed in a blog post, my tastes in music developed from my parents (classical, some lounge, some jazz) and public radio, which broadened things beyond my imagination. Without it, I never would have known about the genres of avant garde, experimental rock, experimental jazz, industrial, or the entire breadth of electronic (commercial radio only plays electronic music that has been established by other media, such as movies and TV shows.) The availability of even more genres and choices expanded as the Internet grew. If this becomes much of a discussion, maybe I'll list some of those sites that provided me with a glimpse of the extreme limits of the music spectrum. We can discuss what tastes you have, how you developed those tastes, and whether or not you're growing beyond those initial few genres that began your likes of music. Perhaps someone in their fifties can also surprise some of y'all that I can like modern music. So long as it's not rap ;-)
  7. Music Tastes (Generation Gap 2)

    Another problem with being an older member of a mostly younger site is the difference in music tastes. I'd estimate that maybe a handful of the bands and cuts I like have only been recognized by a bare few here. The inverse is the same for me, in that I recognize hardly anything posted. I have to wonder sometimes why I even bother to post what I'm listening to or what I like on those music threads. But I do it to "fit in" and maybe someone is paying attention and willing to take a listen. Of course, I've also experienced some members dissing my taste in music as soon as they have heard it, only to get in return what they like as yet another rap "song" to be the best thing evah! If I want to listen to rap, I'll pull up some of the cuts by Natacha Atlas, or Public Enemy. There's isn't much in modern rap I want to hear. It is unfortunate that so few have broad music tastes. Oh, y'all will tell me of the metal and electronic you like, and I'm fine with some of it. But when I say broad, I mean pretty much most genres. I will state that I can't stand most Christian music, unless it's traditional chanting, choral, or Christmas music. The majority that I've heard is of the kind with a moralizing message that isn't to my tastes. Plus, it's usually produced in such a way as to be unoffensive and popular with most top genres, and not for those of us who have eclectic tastes. Sure, I could list every genre I like, and y'all might find something in the same that's likable, too, if you're adventurous. My tastes were formed by my parents and by public radio. My parents gave me a like of classical, some jazz, and some lounge. Public radio expanded on those, adding all sorts of music types, including art-rock, punk, new wave, avant garde, and electronic (not "electronica" as that's a music-industry made-up marketing term.) Some online radio comes close to public radio today, but it's still not the same. All the craziness is gone, sanitized out. Streaming is today's world. And yet, there are streaming sites better than anything RIAA approved. I've considered posting a thread about "free music" steaming sites, but may post it to another site where I know it will be better appreciated. I suspect that once people settle into whatever the music industry wants them to like, that they don't go looking elsewhere. They have to get exasperated with the quality, choice, fees, etc. first. If y'all want to see that thread (it's not too long) I'll post it. I just wonder how fast it'll sink. Today's background music for writing: Bill Nelson - The Alchemical Adventures of Sailor Bill
  8. Take a second look

    The title will make more sense after reading the post. So I talked about this not too long ago, but for a while now I've joked that I'm “musically psychic.” By that I mean, it seems like sometimes I'll randomly think of a song that I haven't heard in a long time, and then I'll randomly hear it. Or, maybe I’ll have a song stuck in my head and it will randomly come up. Mostly separate from that, but similar, I mentioned some other Music-related coincidences that occurred when I was trying to get in contact with Pan. I wondered if they might have something to do with him, but ultimately I figured they were just coincidences. That would normally be the end of it, and I still believe it's all down to coincidence, but two things happened in the past few days that definitely shook that belief. First, if you scroll back a couple posts you'll see that I've been listening to the song “Heavy” a whole lot, and noting how much I relate to it. So, on Friday, I was in a really bad mood because of things going on at work. During my lunch break, I went to Dunkin Donuts. And the exact moment I sat down, “Heavy” started playing on the radio. I know it's a new song so radio play isn't that shocking, but sadly Linkin Park doesn't get much of it these days, and the timing was uncanny. I'll note that “Pan” thinks I'm remembering wrong and it wasn't that exact, but at the very least it was pretty darn close. It was the song I needed right when I needed it. The next one occurred the very next day, on Saturday. Early in the morning I watched two song clips from Glee: “Uptown Girl” and “I Want You Back.” Not so odd, because I have been watching those clips a lot lately. Later in the day I went to my local tabletop gaming store to meet up with my friends for a tabletop RPG. Just shortly after I sat down, I noticed “Uptown Girl” playing in the store. This was odd not just because it was stuck in my head from listening to it that morning, but also because it isn't the kind of music they usually play there. Later on, during the RPG, you guessed it: “I Want You Back” started playing. Again, not their usual type of music at all. Now look, I realize that these are still things that can and do fall into the realm of coincidence. But Geez, two (or should I say three?) big ones in a row like that does make me think, especially as I had just started talking about Pan again. Odds are it's nothing, but I do want to explore the possibilities anyway. Consider it a thought experiment; these are just ideas. The first idea is, all these music coincidences, or at least the recent ones, are signs from Pan. The support for that would be that he is connected with music, fauns are connected with music, and it would be a good subtle way to send such a message. The songs in question also happen to fit well with the question I was focused on regarding Pan, which is the question of what kind of relationship we might have had in my past life. The other idea is that there is some sort of psychic thing happening. In general I don't really believe in such things, at least for myself, but it wouldn't be the first I'd heard of it. My mom legitimately believes that she is slightly psychic, and she doesn't usually give such ideas the time of day. And I know it is something that has been discussed here. If I'm right that my affinity with music is connected to my kin type, this kind of thing might make some sense. But yeah, most likely it's coincidence. I just can't help but wonder about other possibilities, and I'm curious what others think about them.
  9. I don't know whether this fits here or what, however after listening to some of my favorite songs; I noticed. On YouTube videos, the lyrics are generally different than what I had perceived, Most if not all of what I had come up was rather, meh. Weird. A few were, Gorillaz- feel good, I thought they were saying 'Milk Dud'. ._. As well as 'Santa's breaking down on a camels back' and another that is a bit inappropriate to state. >.< Fallout Boy- My songs know what you did in the dark- It sounds like they are saying, 'Ham- chicken- ham- chicken- ham- ham- chicken- banana' in the beginning, perhaps I was hungry when I clicked on that song but that is what I heard. Lol. As well as a few others, however I am starting to get lazy, What are some misconceptions you have had with song lyrics? :) ~ Devagraha
  10. 8tracks is a website I've been browsing for the past few weeks. There are lots of mixes tagged for otherkin, therians, and a lot of specific kintypes. For those who know it - do you have a favorite? I just started listening to "Songs for Climbing Trees", but I also really like "A Walk in the Forest" for therian/otherkin-y things. There are too many different chiptune tracks to choose a favorite. :')
  11. In the spirit of the kintype songs thread, I thought I'd make one that's more specific to each individual. As I was trying to pick songs for the other thread, it struck me that some of the ones I wanted to use weren't necessarily kintype songs. Rather, they were something deeper, being related to our system and ourselves as beings. Hence the idea. The thread does lend itself more toward plurals/systems, but even non-plurals can still post their own personal themesongs. If anyone has any questions about why a certain song applies, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm just too tired to write it all out right now, nor do I want to clutter things more. When posting yours, feel free to explain the meaning or mention if you'd rather leave them open to questions. Note: All of these are actual links to the music/videos in question. There's a limit of five embedded pieces of media per post, even when behind spoiler tags, so I just decided to keep it uniform. System-Wide: Ken Ashcorp - Shut up and Trust This Yumi Kawamura & Lotus Juice - Light the Fire Up in the Night - Dark Hour (Extended) Ken Ashcorp - Crazy Chicks | ( ) Zen: Hirata Shihoko - Reach Out to the Truth -in Mayonaka Arena- Shoji Meguro - Youthful Spirit (I must point out that Weird Al is wrong about Oxford commas. Use them. :bookwolf:) Shouei: Shoji Meguro - Battle for Everyone's Souls ~USH ver.~ (shown with the wrong title in the video, no idea why) It's really difficult for me to find music that fits Shouei well. There's something about him that trips me up, I suppose. I might add some more, if I can remember or come across any that work. :angryfox: Gazen: (The official video captures Gazen rather well, but I don't think I should post it here, due to possible content issues.) Shoji Meguro - A Fool or Clown Shoji Meguro - The Joker