1. Naia

    Kazakhstan - Country Ban

    Starting on January 1st 2016, Kinmunity will reject all traffic originating from The Republic of Kazakhstan. The Republic of Kazakhstan intends to implement a nation-wide “man in the middle” attack against all SSL encrypted traffic. This type of intrusion is a violation of basic human rights...
  2. Rome

    News about Otherkin... Falsely Represented?

    I was reading some entry on a website known as Vice, and in the beginning, I thought it was great.... But then it turned sour. Link here: Otherkin Are People Too; They Just Identify as Nonhuman | VICE | United States Thoughts? Am I right to be a bit irritated?
  3. dextro

    Alien Megastructures in Scientific News (link to article)

    Found an interesting article while browsing a science blog, detailing a star with a strange pattern of dimming only found in young stars. I'm curious, though. I think it could be possible, but it raises a few questions. Would we really find an alien species that built structures around a star...