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  1. astralnep

    could animals be otherkin?

    first off, an apology in advance for any typos i make. im writing this in school! i know this sounds like a stupid question, but do you think that nonhuman animals could be otherkin? i know theyre probably not smart enough to know what psychology, reincarnation or connections to other animals...
  2. celestialspheres

    Are there any active Otherkin themed Discord servers / Instagram accounts?

    Not necessarily Angelkin themed, just Otherkin in general? I would love to get to know more Otherkin since not many are members in Kinmunity.
  3. celestialspheres


    I am paying attention to my present life. I am living it and I will live on and reach my goals. Of course I will. But ever since my awakening, I feel like I found a piece of myself I have lost without knowing I did. I regained a piece of myself which makes me feel more complete than I ever...
  4. celestialspheres

    What are your ways of regaining memories?

    I would love to remember things in my life among other angels. I want to know who I am, what my role was/is and who I knew there. Surely I won’t remember everything when not in my angelic form, but I want to try. I just don’t know where to start and what to do in order to remember. How did you...
  5. FoxyAnimations


    What do you think about otherkin naming there kintypes? I think it's a bit weird, since, that is a part of you. When you give them a name, it's like a separate identity. But I don't mind it, you do you. I refer to my theriotypes as Asher and Ash so it's easier to talk about them. But i'm not...
  6. D

    Satariel introduces himself

    Hello, I am Satariel and a demon, first I would like to talk about my awakening as a demon in order to form a basis or the foundation for all further entries. My first awakening happened at the age of 16, at that time I was already in contact with the spiritual world and I asked for a spiritual...
  7. Drakmanka

    The Curse or Blessing of the Black Dragon

    I posted this blog on another forum I'm a member of. Thought I'd post it here as well. I remember a lot about my dragon life, though there are a lot of details of day-to-day life that I don't have memories of. It's more of a fuzzy understanding that certain things did happen, than actual...
  8. elementshift

    Alterhuman Journal #2

    so while having a great conversation with a werewolf kin, i have been able to determine that i am some type of werebeast kin, but since i broadly relate to all canids and not wolves in specific, i am not entirely sure if i'm a werewolf, nor do i want to assume that as a given. one canid that i...
  9. ClubPenquin4Life

    Happy to be part of the community!

    Hi everybody! I'm excited to be part of this amazing community. I am new to this "otherkin" lifestyle. I have always been deeply interested in penguins even since I've been a young child. One of my favorite movies growing up was Surfs Up. I have found such a calling, a connection, to the...
  10. EmeraldGreen

    Finding my identity...

    How I came across the idea of angels on earth. It all started one very sunny day. I had just had the craziest dream, and decided to share it with my best friend, Alec. At the time I thought it was a harry potter dream, though it had little to do with the latter. I was in a large, university...
  11. Who-is-Page

    Dysphoria; A Personal Transgender, Otherkin Perspective

    Dysphoria is generally categorized as a feeling of deep unease and distress regarding something pertaining to oneself; gender dysphoria is perhaps the most well-known example of a specific form of dysphoria, manifesting as distress due to a gender identity which does not match the individual’s...
  12. galaxy_horse

    Alterhuman Pet Peeves

    I decided to make a list of things that I’ve seen in the otherkin community that irritate me (creative I know /j) Note: I, in no way, hold any ill will or intend any offense to those who relate to anything in this list. 1. Elitism (Part 1) For whatever reason, I’ve seen people with otherkin...
  13. KinBot

    Falsities of Fae

    Note: This article was originally written by former Kinmunity member "Nyht Myst". We get asked the same question or hear the same comments about fae over and over again to the point it makes our blood boil and we wish we could scream it out to the world that isn't true, its a misconception, a...
  14. elementshift

    Anthropomorphic Animal Therians/Otherkin?

    hey kinmunity! i wanted to ask you all, do any among you identify as an anthropomorphic animal therian/otherkin? do you think lycanthropes count as anthropomorphic animals, or no? why or why not? context for why I ask this question: i am exploring my possible alterhumanity, specifically the...
  15. P

    I’m curious about Otherkins

    Hi, my name is Mandy. I didn’t realize until after I signed up that people could post to this thread without signing up. Oh well, it’s free, so that’s ok. I’ve vaguely heard of otherkins, and I want to know more about them. I’ve always been different from other people, so I’m wondering if I...
  16. wolfcore

    Favorite Kintype pictures!

    For any otherkin out there, what is your favorite picture of your kintype! This is one of my favorites, a wolf among a flower field, just makes me feel peaceful
  17. Allos

    Draconity, dragons, and the media

    Dragonkin are a very diverse group of individuals each having their own beliefs and experiences relevant to their own draconity. No one dragon will have the same experiences as another, all have some similarity to each other as to be expected but dragons cannot just be meshed into one group...
  18. Grey

    Introductory Guide to Spiritual Otherkinity

    There are nearly an infinite number of personal spiritual beliefs that are held worldwide to this day. Although personal spiritual beliefs are highly subjective and personal, the rules are hardly “anything goes” when it comes to spiritual Otherkinity. Otherkinity is characterized by identifying...
  19. Grey

    Introductory Guide to Psychological Otherkinity

    An otherkin is someone who, on an integral, non-physical level, identifies as non-human. Psychological otherkinity is for those who believe that the cause of their experiences is partially or wholly the result of psychological or neurological phenomenon. “Psychology” refers to the study of the...
  20. Effervescent-Daydream

    How To Find Your Kintype

    So you are trying to discover your kintype. Questions regarding this topic are exceedingly common in the Otherkin community among new and old members alike. Maybe you have recently awakened as an Otherkin and are still trying to find your way. Or, perhaps you have been here for a while but are...