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Found 3 results

  1. Mermaids and Psuedo-Goddesses

    Confession: I've done almost zero research on mermaids. Defense: I'm going to wait until I can purchase a book that was suggested to me, as it should be at least somewhat more trustworthy than Billy-Bob's Website on Magick. Or Tumblr. I've more or less put aside researching and delving into my kintype for a little while. There's precious little I can actually do, although I'm getting more information simply by thinking on the things I know, regardless of myth, legend or hearsay. For example, I know I was a traveling mer. I have distinct "memories" of being on some rocky crag near the British isles, as well as flitting about Caribbean and African ports. Of course, I don't know for certain that the world I was in had those particular names or places, but I do know that I was in several different parts of a world. I'm also fairly certain of my physiology, although the exact shape/style of my fins gives me a little trouble. And I definitely know my psyche as a mermaid. Mental shifts are a bigger and more ethically wrenching struggle for me than any phantom limb I've experienced. (If anything, my tail is amusing.) Another thing I've been doing is seriously looking at multiplicity. I have a tulpa, of course, who is still growing every day. I'm contemplating Median system, but don't particularly care. If the me that is Ogyia is several different shards, then they fit together pretty nicely, and I can shift between them without a hitch. Or I have an active imagination where it's concerned. As I said, I'm not too concerned with it. What's really giving me trouble is Til. I don't know what Til is. She could be a Soulbond, but at the same time I feel as though I am her. But the idea of being kin as this deity/powerful person that isn't in any work of fiction seems ridiculous. I don't believe Til to be a goddess, as I believe in only one god, which means I can't be deitykin/godkin. But she could simply be an extremely powerful human. There's an extremely rich history and strong memories associated with Til, and it confuses me horribly. I just don't know what to classify her/that part of me as. I wish more than anything that I could tell if she's a separate person or myself.
  2. Different Types of Systems

    I thought I already had this uploaded, apparently I'd forgotten to reupload it after the site went down. Whoops. An illustration between the different system types.
  3. In the spirit of the kintype songs thread, I thought I'd make one that's more specific to each individual. As I was trying to pick songs for the other thread, it struck me that some of the ones I wanted to use weren't necessarily kintype songs. Rather, they were something deeper, being related to our system and ourselves as beings. Hence the idea. The thread does lend itself more toward plurals/systems, but even non-plurals can still post their own personal themesongs. If anyone has any questions about why a certain song applies, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm just too tired to write it all out right now, nor do I want to clutter things more. When posting yours, feel free to explain the meaning or mention if you'd rather leave them open to questions. Note: All of these are actual links to the music/videos in question. There's a limit of five embedded pieces of media per post, even when behind spoiler tags, so I just decided to keep it uniform. System-Wide: Ken Ashcorp - Shut up and Trust This Yumi Kawamura & Lotus Juice - Light the Fire Up in the Night - Dark Hour (Extended) Ken Ashcorp - Crazy Chicks | ( ) Zen: Hirata Shihoko - Reach Out to the Truth -in Mayonaka Arena- Shoji Meguro - Youthful Spirit (I must point out that Weird Al is wrong about Oxford commas. Use them. :bookwolf:) Shouei: Shoji Meguro - Battle for Everyone's Souls ~USH ver.~ (shown with the wrong title in the video, no idea why) It's really difficult for me to find music that fits Shouei well. There's something about him that trips me up, I suppose. I might add some more, if I can remember or come across any that work. :angryfox: Gazen: (The official video captures Gazen rather well, but I don't think I should post it here, due to possible content issues.) Shoji Meguro - A Fool or Clown Shoji Meguro - The Joker