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Found 2 results

  1. March for Science

    So, as some may or may not be aware, there is a nationwide protest scheduled for this Saturday here in the United States. The protest, scheduled to coincide with Earth Day, is a reaction to what are widely considered anti-science policies put forth by the current president, in particular his censoring of scientific studies on climate change, the gutting of the EPA, and policies and appointments that are potentially devastating to our education system. Many of those in the science community are planning on attending, including engineer and science advocate Bill Nye, as well as science enthusiasts around the country. The main march is to be held April 22nd on the National Mall in Washington DC, but there are numerous "branch" marches taking place all over the country, so be sure to look for one in your local area if you can't make the one in DC. So, what do you think? Do you plan on attending? Do you not? Either way, why? I happen to find myself in an interesting situation. I'm currently only about a 3 hour drive from the Capital, and I am in the unique position of having enough money to go. I'm seriously considering going, not only because of my belief in the preservation of the environment as much as humanly possible, but also because I'd like there to be a profession waiting for me once my schooling is over, thank you kindly. On a more whimsical topic, anyone got any good ideas for a witty sign? I've got a witty shirt, but can't think of anything for a sign lol
  2. Hey there everyone! I think this could be a good place to discuss what we think may happen this year in the world (big things I can think of are the US presidential election (and what will happen with that), developments in the Middle east, Russia and eastern Europe etc What do YOU think will happen this year?