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  1. kitisanxious

    How to get kin memories?

    Sorry if this isn’t the right forum to ask, I’m new here but I’d like to ask: How can I get memories as a fictionkin? I am a fictionkin of Tsumugi from Danganronpa 3 and I want memories Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you : )
  2. astralnep

    asking questions about your profile picture/username!

    im just very curious lol!! i know a lot of times i have a little story or reason behind my username so i'd like to ask you about yours! why did you pick your avatar or username? is there a specific reason, like because it reminds you of someone or represents a part of you? is it because its...
  3. frostfictionkind

    are there things about yourself that you attribute to your kintypes?

    i'm bad at phrasing questions, so lemme elaborate- were/are there any moments in your life that made you think, "wow so that was my kintype peeking through"? things you did or feelings you had when you were younger? things you do now to alleviate dysphoria? personally, i've always felt a...
  4. D

    Daily Thought

    Figured this was needing to be brought back. So... Here it is. I have to say, having a public holiday dedicated to a sport is stupid. Like here in Victoria Australia, we have the AFL Grand Final this weekend and for some reason I cannot fathom, we have tomorrow off. Not that I'm complaining...