1. ZohGaEri

    Questioning, I need some help

    Hi, I’m Eri, I’m 18 and I’m a trans demigirl. I’ve been having thoughts. Thoughts about satyrs and rams, and werepups and cats, and mostly, I’ve been having thoughts about myself. About how good it feels to put myself in those scenarios. Thoughts I hadn’t had since I was much younger. I...
  2. P

    I’m curious about Otherkins

    Hi, my name is Mandy. I didn’t realize until after I signed up that people could post to this thread without signing up. Oh well, it’s free, so that’s ok. I’ve vaguely heard of otherkins, and I want to know more about them. I’ve always been different from other people, so I’m wondering if I...
  3. Y


    Healthy re-questioning of my identity shouldn't be this overwhelming. I think I go into a state of panic since I have struggled far more than I should have with my identity. Since this is something that does happen and I think there can be a healthy way to monitor your progress in...
  4. N

    Phantom limbs?

    Hey , so I've been meditating recently and there was one personal experience I've had. Something you should know is I got a crystal called desert rose and I decided to meditate with it , hearing that each piece came with an individual spirit. Once I got into a meditative state , I found myself...