site updates

  1. Naia

    Downtime, Recovery, and More (05-06-2016)

    As you are probably already aware, Kinmunity suffered a major server outage on 05-01-2016. On that date, a routine Ubuntu Distribution Update was performed, in order to ensure continued stability and security of the server. Additionally, we planned to update to PHP7, which would have resulted in...
  2. Naia

    Updates & Downtime (08/25/15)

    Downtime For about twenty minutes on 08/24/15, Kinmunity experienced downtime due to an update performed on our server. The update was not expected to cause the issue that it did (which was apparently to overwrite /etc/network/interfaces, Gods know why it would do this). This issue has been...
  3. Naia

    Major Update (07/18/2015)

    We have introduced yet another update to the site, yay! This is a relatively major update that fixes many bugs, improves security, and adds a wealth of new features to the site. We have updated the core Xenforo software which powers the site to latest version, and we have added some extra tweaks...