1. compromisations

    Dreams/Visions + stones relating to Kin

    I tend to keep alot of items around me that represent my kintypes and i, and recently i've been feeling close to my wyvern self. I have a purple pendulum which I use for dragon readings specifically, and when I keep it near me I often have dreams about what my life was like as a wyvern. I was...
  2. T

    Connections to Art, Music and Life

    Hello, I have yet to meet another kin like myself, I am Apollo and I am looking for my siblings. I feel like this is a good place to start as we all have a fondness for music, art, and spirituality. Mostly I desire to find my sister Artemis, and my father Zeus.
  3. TheLonelyPath

    Dreams vs Reality. Something I Hope Helps

    Read Carefully This is Not a Joke. **I am not selling anything or spamming!!** I have been wondering if you all would indulge me a moment? As you all know since I am on this site I am a anthro. Like you all I have fantasies and ambitions in so many shades of grey in various areas of life and...
  4. Adaire

    The Blood Moon

    I'm outside basking in the blood moon possibly doing spiritual stuff. c: Has anyone else been observing the moon because it's so beautiful! I can feel myself getting tingly with excitement and I saw a couple hummingbirds flying above me. ^3^ I can feel my true self coming out and getting very...
  5. PerkyHedgewitch

    "Other" religion?

    I know some of us have memories from our Otherborn/Otherkin selves of past lives. Some of those memories involve religion. My most vivid memories were of a lifetime when I was a Winged Elf. In that society, I filled the role of a healer/priestess. I worked with herbs, medicines, salves...