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  1. D

    The Second Demon Race - The Adimiron

    The Adimiron are the second race of demons ever created. They look like reptiles with lion heads and their scales are yellow or gray. Their element is water and blood (in the worlds of the demons the element blood exists). Originally the Adimiron were created as lower demons by Chavajoth who had...
  2. D

    The First Demon Race - The Bairiron

    The Bairiron is the first demon race ever created but not the highest or lowest in the hierarchy. We have to get rid of the idea that order has something to do with hierarchy. The leader of the Bairiron is Samael. The bairiron appear like a cross between a lion and a dragon and have red skin...
  3. elementshift

    Alterhuman Journal #1

    so i'm still dealing with a jumble of feelings when it comes to labels like otherlink and therian. but for the first time in a long time, i'm starting to wonder to myself how voluntary my identity actually is. for about the last six months (so since the time i joined this server), i have...