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Found 1 result

  1. Seeing that Halloween is approaching, and that October is the West's month of all things macabre, I thought it might be fun to share a list of some recommended creepy, spooky, and/or horror games which I have played. Please feel free to also post about your own! n_n -Resident Evil (series): While not truly the very first survival horror game/series, RE is responsible for putting the genre on the "map." While it (initially) deals with familiar zombie trope, it puts a rather unique spin on it as the story unfolds. With the original games being ported and/or remade, now it a great time for slackers to finally pick it up. Platforms: Almost everything (but depends upon the entry in question) -Silent Hill (series): Silent Hill is known for giving Resident Evil some real competition. However, instead of taking a purely visceral approach to horror, SH deals in using more subtle methods to inflict fright. The grotesque nature of the story and enemies, the sometimes grey morality, as well as the continuing mystery surrounding the titular town, make this series unforgettable. Shattered Memories, despite being an alternate universe story, takes survival to the extreme, making the player vulnerable and forcing them to flee, not fight. Platforms: PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, PSP, PS Vita, PC -Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem: A niche title, but one with a rabid fanbase, ED was an experiment in how far the genre could be taken. Psychological horror played a key role in this Lovecraftian-inspired story. Aside from the disturbing imagery, the characters' sanity is a key component and a resource which must be managed. As their sanity falls, they will become more difficult to control, and the game, itself, will begin playing all manner of tricks on the player, some which have gone down into gaming history as legendary. Multiple characters with intersecting stories, all of which span hundreds of years, keep things fresh and interesting. If you can get your hands on this, don't waste any time in snatching a copy. Platforms: GC, Wii (via backward compatibility) -Parasite Eve (series): A lesser known series, PE is Square-Enix's take on the survival horror genre. Like most of their noteworthy games, it's an RPG, but the mechanics are quite unique. Though some aspects of the story may feel a little too familiar, the rest of it, as well as the battle mechanics and the game's version of NYC, made this a sleeper hit. Platforms: PS1 (physical); PS3, PSP/Vita (digital) -Clock Tower (series): If you're a fan of some of the newer survival horror games, which are full-tilt survival with little to no combat, this one's for you. Tactics and puzzle-solving are at the heart of CT games; the player must avoid insane and monstrous stalkers, all while also trying to escape from their situation and/or solve a surrounding mystery. CT3 does involve some combat at the end of each chapter, as the heroine gains the power to fight back against her attacker (this is the game I recommend most). Platforms: PS1, PS2 -Haunting Grounds: A spin-off of CT, HG's best feature is that the heroine must work together with a white German Shepherd to escape a creepy castle in which she finds herself, with no memory of how she got there. The player is able to train the dog, Hewie, to respond to certain commands. Rewarding his obedience with praise and taking care of his health are necessary for positive results. It is only by gaining Hewie's trust that he will reliably respond and do as he is told. Like CT, puzzles must be solved to both progress the story and defeat bosses. How well the player bonds with Hewie will influence which of the multiple endings are achieved. Platform: PS2 -Alan Wake: A writer with severe writer's block seeks new inspiration by vacationing to a serene mountain town with his wife. Shortly after arriving, his wife disappears, and Alan finds himself having experienced a week of lost time. As darkness literally begins to descend upon him and the town, he must solve the mystery of his lost week and missing wife, all while dealing with the slow realization that this sleepy little burg isn't as idyllic as it first appeared. The residents will also do whatever it takes to keep their secrets out of the light. Platforms: Xbox 360, PC -Amnesia (series): As the title suggests, these games are about characters who have no memory of whom, or where, they are, nor how they got there. The goal is to figure these mysteries out, while also avoiding the horrific enemies. The first game is much more Lovecraftian in tone, and it also has much more complicated puzzle mechanics. The second game, A Machine for Pigs (which is not a direct sequel), is more philosophical in nature, and ot has much more minimalist and user-friendly mechanics. This is the series which spawned the recent fad of run-or-die games. Platforms: PC, Mac -Corpse Party (series): No one in the West is able to create horror quite like the Japanese. Both visceral and psychological horror combine to make a twisted and disturbing tale of violence and death. Multiple characters and endings, as well as alternate timelines/universes, allow for superb characterization that really made me care about and empathize with them (even the crazy ones). Survival and puzzle solving are at the heart of the mechanics, but the story is the real draw. Due to the extremely visceral nature of the game, this series is only recommended to adults with a strong constitution. Heed the rating on these. Platforms: PSP, PS Vita, iOS, PC (will require translation patches) There are other games, but I've been working on this post for way too long. I may list some more later. Have you played any of these games? If so, how did you feel about them? Are there any other games you'd recommend for the Halloween season?