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    Therian Serval Pool

    Hi I'm a therian...a serval! (I'm a big cat :3) who's like me? 
  2. ThisIsImportant

    Therian Related Music

    I put a list of songs together... It's a list of therianthropy related music. Most of it is not made about therianthropy, but reminds me of it. I would appreciate if you guys could add to this list!  Therianthropy by SepticFlesh Therian by Papadosio I Don't Speak Human by OMNIA Wolf...
  3. Nøkken

    Scientists confirm dogs self-aware through sniff test alternative to mirror test

    Science again confirming the obvious, but it is necessary to reverse biases and strengthen the argument for the moral status of animals. While it is indeed necessary to demonstrate this for individual species, given analogous taxonomical continuity across families, it can be assumed that other...
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  5. Wolf Daughter

    Therian Wiki and Otherkin Wiki

    Otherkin Wiki It looks like this Wiki was started on April 25, 2008. There is currently an Admin, but the Wiki is lacking in articles and correct information. While this is a lesser known and less often visited resource, it may still be worthwhile to update it if anyone has the time to...
  6. Nøkken

    Do you consider nonhuman animals persons?

    I have a debate-provoking question, and I am curious as to how other therians think mainly. I have my own thoughts on the answer to this question, but I would rather hear others' first, as I am curious if there are any patterns involved and whether it is indicative of the structure of therian...