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  1. cawcawcorvidae

    What do you (the community) want to see from my book related to physical shifting?

    I’ve been wanting to write a book about alterhumanity, and I enjoy writing sci-fi and fantasy, so I thought about having the characters shapeshift after their awakening. But I don’t know how everyone would feel about that. Alternatively, astral shifting could bring real life counterparts that...
  2. A drawing of my wolf type.

    A drawing of my wolf type.

  3. astralnep

    could animals be otherkin?

    first off, an apology in advance for any typos i make. im writing this in school! i know this sounds like a stupid question, but do you think that nonhuman animals could be otherkin? i know theyre probably not smart enough to know what psychology, reincarnation or connections to other animals...
  4. FoxyAnimations


    What do you think about otherkin naming there kintypes? I think it's a bit weird, since, that is a part of you. When you give them a name, it's like a separate identity. But I don't mind it, you do you. I refer to my theriotypes as Asher and Ash so it's easier to talk about them. But i'm not...
  5. FoxyAnimations

    Your favorite animal related game for therianthropes?

    I took a list of a few animal related games that can be viewed as a good game for therianthropes and I wanna know which are your favorite(s)?
  6. Dawndust

    Where to find good quality ears

    Recently I've been thinking about getting some ears, I'm looking for some good quality ears or cosplay makers I could commission! Anything helps thanks! And if this has been asked already let me know so I can remove this!
  7. Just my kin

    Just my kin

    Just as the title says
  8. elementshift

    Alterhuman Journal #2

    so while having a great conversation with a werewolf kin, i have been able to determine that i am some type of werebeast kin, but since i broadly relate to all canids and not wolves in specific, i am not entirely sure if i'm a werewolf, nor do i want to assume that as a given. one canid that i...
  9. elementshift

    Alterhuman Journal #1

    so i'm still dealing with a jumble of feelings when it comes to labels like otherlink and therian. but for the first time in a long time, i'm starting to wonder to myself how voluntary my identity actually is. for about the last six months (so since the time i joined this server), i have...
  10. Zynx

    Gear and thoughts

    Just ordered two choker collars off of Etsy! So excited. 💕 I tend to use collars and clothing to express my feline side rather than tails or ears. While they're nice to have sometimes, usually they just feel a bit... unnecessary? Like, I already have ears, a tail, and all that other jazz most...
  11. Illustration61.png


    Art made during a recent strong shift
  12. Who-is-Page

    Otherkin FAQ

    Short answer: No. Long answer: Definitely not. It’s impossible to diagnose an entire, extremely diverse community with a single overarching disorder or disorder symptom, first of all. On top of that, given that many otherkin will openly admit that their beliefs or hypotheses could very well be...
  13. Who-is-Page

    On the Dearth of Otherkin Writings

    The decline of personal writings within the otherkin community is a phenomena spoken of often by older members of the community: gone are the days where most otherkin had a personal website and preferred forum of which to lurk, posting thoughts, anecdotes, and guides based on their own...
  14. nocturnal.png


    Some personal art of me/my type. This is the first art I've done of my devil self post news of the Toledo Zoo confirming that devils are in fact biofluorescent (so it's not just me!)
  15. My Horse Theriotpye!

    My Horse Theriotpye!

    Here’s a reference of my Nez Perce horse theriotype!
  16. galaxy_horse

    Alterhuman Pet Peeves

    I decided to make a list of things that I’ve seen in the otherkin community that irritate me (creative I know /j) Note: I, in no way, hold any ill will or intend any offense to those who relate to anything in this list. 1. Elitism (Part 1) For whatever reason, I’ve seen people with otherkin...
  17. Naia

    What's Therianthropy?

    So, what exactly is a therian, anyway? Therianthropy is categorized by a deep integral or personal belief that you, are in some way, a non-human animal. External factors (being hairy, having heightened senses, barking, howling, etc.) are irrelevant to whether you’re a therian or not...
  18. elementshift

    Anthropomorphic Animal Therians/Otherkin?

    hey kinmunity! i wanted to ask you all, do any among you identify as an anthropomorphic animal therian/otherkin? do you think lycanthropes count as anthropomorphic animals, or no? why or why not? context for why I ask this question: i am exploring my possible alterhumanity, specifically the...
  19. wolfcore

    Favorite Kintype pictures!

    For any otherkin out there, what is your favorite picture of your kintype! This is one of my favorites, a wolf among a flower field, just makes me feel peaceful
  20. Finna Alsvartr


    I really want to join a wolfkin/therian pack, but I can only find one online and it has been inactive since 2013. Are there any not through discord or tumblr that I could join?