1. E

    Anthropomorphic Animal Therians/Otherkin?

    hey kinmunity! i wanted to ask you all, do any among you identify as an anthropomorphic animal therian/otherkin? do you think lycanthropes count as anthropomorphic animals, or no? why or why not? context for why I ask this question: i am exploring my possible alterhumanity, specifically the...
  2. Ravenna Freyasdottir

    Stuff I do when I shift

    Hola, Ravenna here! Feeling better by the way. Just needed some time to chill. ON WITH THE BLOG! So I have two main kintypes (may later have more, who knows) but there are very specific things I do when I shift into either. I was inspired by today's cambionkin shift to do this post. Wolfkin: I...
  3. Ravenna Freyasdottir

    Not doing too hot...

    Depression is a bitch. It's getting worse, and I am starting to think it's also seasonal. I don't get to see people often enough to talk to most, and it shows. I've been thinking about ending it, but I'd also be killing all of the headmates here with me, not to mention what will happen to my...
  4. wolfcore

    Favorite Kintype pictures!

    For any otherkin out there, what is your favorite picture of your kintype! This is one of my favorites, a wolf among a flower field, just makes me feel peaceful
  5. Ravenna Freyasdottir


    I really want to join a wolfkin/therian pack, but I can only find one online and it has been inactive since 2013. Are there any not through discord or tumblr that I could join?
  6. D

    On "Astral Limbs" and "Phantom Limbs"

    In my time in the community I have seen many common misconceptions younger and newer members have fallen into through confusion and uncertainty. I could perhaps write a huge article on so many of these, but I've decided to settle on just one for this small piece and that is a misconception that...
  7. D

    A guide to shifts

    Shifting is an integral part of being otherkin/fictionkin to a large portion of the communities. Though certainly not essential to consider oneself otherkin or fictionkin, you’d be hard pressed to find a place where it isn’t mentioned or discussed in some form. In this article I will attempt to...
  8. Wolfie Atsuko


    Hello! I'm Wolfie. I'm kind of new to this community, I've known I was a White Arctic Wolf for a long time..but I never knew anyone who understood me. Does anyone want to be friends? I'm 17. Punk. And my pronouns are He/They. Thank you c: