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  1. Who-is-Page

    Otherkin FAQ

    Short answer: No. Long answer: Definitely not. It’s impossible to diagnose an entire, extremely diverse community with a single overarching disorder or disorder symptom, first of all. On top of that, given that many otherkin will openly admit that their beliefs or hypotheses could very well be...
  2. Who-is-Page

    On the Dearth of Otherkin Writings

    The decline of personal writings within the otherkin community is a phenomena spoken of often by older members of the community: gone are the days where most otherkin had a personal website and preferred forum of which to lurk, posting thoughts, anecdotes, and guides based on their own...
  3. Lepus alleni

    Research thread #2: how does your herbivory effect your interaction with the broader community?

    Do you feel you relate different to canine or feline therians than when you meet another herbavore species that isn't your own? Do you feel it effects your relationship with these other alterhumans? Do you feel any 'irrational' instincts around them, such as your gut telling you to run...
  4. Lepus alleni

    Research thread #1: does your theriotype effect how you eat?

    Are you vegetarian or vegan (or another voulentary dietary lifestyle such as pescatarian or 'vegetarian except for bugs')? Specifically, is it related to your species alone, or other factors, if at all? What is your overall opinion on meat-eating vs vegetarian, and again, do you feel your...
  5. Naia

    What's Therianthropy?

    So, what exactly is a therian, anyway? Therianthropy is categorized by a deep integral or personal belief that you, are in some way, a non-human animal. External factors (being hairy, having heightened senses, barking, howling, etc.) are irrelevant to whether you’re a therian or not...
  6. E

    Anthropomorphic Animal Therians/Otherkin?

    hey kinmunity! i wanted to ask you all, do any among you identify as an anthropomorphic animal therian/otherkin? do you think lycanthropes count as anthropomorphic animals, or no? why or why not? context for why I ask this question: i am exploring my possible alterhumanity, specifically the...
  7. KinBot

    On "Astral Limbs" and "Phantom Limbs"

    Note: This article was originally written by former Kinmunity member "Ashenfall". In my time in the community I have seen many common misconceptions younger and newer members have fallen into through confusion and uncertainty. I could perhaps write a huge article on so many of these, but I've...
  8. KinBot

    A guide to shifts

    Note: This article was originally written by former Kinmunity member "Ashenfall". Shifting is an integral part of being otherkin/fictionkin to a large portion of the communities. Though certainly not essential to consider oneself otherkin or fictionkin, you’d be hard pressed to find a place...