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Found 1 result

  1. Mmh, so... not been feeling too great lately, but I'm okay right now. May as well do this while I'm feeling up to it! I mentioned in the daily 'kin thought thread that I was kinda tentatively questioning having another theriotype. The posts got eaten by that database error the other day, but I was meaning to make a blog post about it anyway! Just gonna note down the details, the whats and whys. I'm questioning that I might be an amur leopard therian. Most likely a suntherian or contherian, same as my wolf 'type. I came to that particular (sub)species after doing a bit of research on animals that match what I've experienced. Leopards in general match up pretty well, and amurs - so far - seem to work perfectly. No other felines have the same feeling of familiarity, nor do any other subspecies of leopard. But I only did some quick, general research; I plan on doing some more digging when I'm feeling a bit better. As for why I'm questioning, it's not a particular situation or experience I've had - it's just a lot of little things that I never really noticed before, but put together are enough to make me wonder. These are "quirks" I've had as long as any other oddities related to my kintypes. In fact, most of them I just blamed on my other two kintypes, consciously or subconsciously. The things that make me question are: The instinct to make feline vocalisations, especially hisses. Previously I blamed that on my former dragon "kintype", then on my spirit kintype, and then just kinda started to think of it as me being strange. Alone, I certainly wouldn't attach any deeper meaning to it. An instinctual familiarity and nostalgia for feline communication. This is something I only consciously noticed very recently. I was playing a video game, and sort of subconsciously started translating the characters' moods/behaviours into the feline equivalent. Thought it was a wolf thing at first, until I remembered that wolves don't flick their tails when they're annoyed, but rather when they're existed or alert. That's not the only time it's happened, but it's the first time I stopped and thought "hey, that's weird". Familiarity towards a leopard-esque body type. The main reason I'm pretty sure I'm not any other kind of feline is because their legs are too long, and their bodies are too slender. Looking at leopards, and reading a description of their defining characteristics, something about their appearance feels "right" to me. I looked at jaguars too, but their heads seem too broad. Leopards have very low, heavily built bodies and short legs, something which I've felt a resonance with for a long time. I used to think it was something to do with my spirit kintype's chosen form, but it doesn't match up well when I actually think about it. Natural/involuntary phantom shifts. Especially the tail and, to a lesser extent, the ears. I can sometimes feel my "tail" flicking when I'm annoyed, usually alongside some wolfish phantom shifts. Feline phantom shifts also account pretty well for the short-snouted head shifts I get sometimes (I previously pinned them on my other kintypes interacting oddly with the physical anatomy of my face). General affinity for feline shapeshifters/werecats/etc. Again, alone I'd just ignore this, but along with everything else it starts to paint a bigger picture. Now don't get me wrong, I like all kinds of shapeshifting in fiction (just part of being species dysphoric, I guess) but there's something different when it comes to leopards. I've even had a couple of OCs in the past that have been wereleopards, and one that I've had for years is a leopard therian. I expressed both of my other kintypes through characters before I came to accept/understand those parts of myself. This could be the same. Or it could just be a coincidence. I am just questioning, after all. I know it's not a cameo because my cameos are short but intense. I think I described them as being "a bright flame that burns out quickly", which is pretty much accurate. Whereas the leopard thing has been going on for years, and it's so mild that I've only just picked up on it. Wishful thinking can be ruled out too, because I really, really don't want another kintype, and definitely not something as cliche as a big cat. I'd much rather be something weird and obscure, but... nope. Much as I'd like to be a pine marten or a scorpion, I know I'm not. I wouldn't choose to be a leopard, but I can't say I'm not one with as much certainty. So... yep. That's everything I can think to write off the top of my head. Here we go again...