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Found 3 results

  1. A lot of people always have that one place they would love to visit, whether it be a few miles away or across the ocean! I'm curious, what places do you want to visit one day? I have always dreamed about visiting Tashirojima Island (AKA Cat Island), which is located in Japan. I would enjoy seeing all the cats, and I would love to bring them some food and toys as well. The cats on the island are considered strays, and many of them are injured, sick, hungry, etc. The locals feed them sometimes, but there are only 85 residents left on the island, 70 of which are elderly. Either way, I would love to see them and help them out a bit! Another place I want to visit is Fox Village, which is located in Zao, Japan. It is a village/zoo for foxes, and it seems almost like a mystical paradise! There are various areas in the village. When you enter, you will be met with large cages, which are where the baby and mama foxes are. Once they separate from their moms, they will be moved into big adolecent pens. After they grow old enough, they will roam the Fox Village, an area of 18,000 square feet! It contains fox houses, fox hotel street, a fox shrine, and more. If you visit the fox hospital in the village, you can hold a fox there! It's definatly on my bucket list!
  2. Hi everyone! I recently went on a trip to some of the Scottish Isles and I would like to share a few pictures with you all :) Mostly because I think some of you may find them interesting... some of the places I visited had such a strong presence to them... I am not claiming to be psychic or anything! But they definitely were more than something pretty to look at. Anyway, I'll let you all judge by yourselves :) here are some photos: *Uh... I apologize for the size of the images, but I really don't know how to re-size them! Clava Cairn just outside of Inverness. A group of stone tombs from the bronze age, very little is known about them but they found human remains in the center of each cairn. The Calanais Standing Stones, on the Isle of Lewis (Outer Hebrides), tourists included for size comparison. They're about 5000 years old (much older than Stonehenge) and no one really knows what they were for. They could be an astrological observatory, a religious center or a calendar. The photo doesn't do it justice... The place was huge, and it was the place that had the strongest presence of any place I visited during my trip. I would love to see them at night against a dark, starry sky! Moorland landscape with blooming heather and the Dun Carloway broch in the distance. A broch is a tower-like structure from the bronze age that could have been either a defensive base, a house, or both. The Butt of Lewis. Yes, that's its real name lol! Its the most remote point on the Isle of Lewis. We saw some basking sharks in the distance, too, I got some photos of them but you can only see their fins, so they're not really worth showing. View of Luskentyre Beack on the Isle of Harris. The water looks beautiful but it was cold enough to chill a drink if you left it in there long enough. Path trough the moorland towards the Fairy Pools, on the Isle of Skye. A pretty intense walk through a moorland glen (a.k.a valley) following a brook with crystal clear blue-ish water. The pools themselves look so transparent and blue that they look almost artificial! (they are not), but there was a ton of people playing around in the water so I couldn't get a proper photo of them :rolleyes: Also midges, midges everywhere! Loch Ness, as seen from the front of a boat. The water looks almost pitch black! This is due to the peat dissolved on it, the Loch itself is about 227m at its deepest, and it is about 36km long, bur only 3km wide. No Nessie this time, but I did see a lovely cup of coffee with a shot of Baileys ;) Glencoe a.k.a The Weeping Glen. Another place that gave me really strong feelings, it was almost overwhelming. It was like something was hiding on the fog, looking at us all... beautiful place, though! Very eerie and mysterious! And... once again, I apologize for the length of this post, I really don't know how to re-size the images. I only included images of places that I though most of us would be interested in, but I took over a hundred photos including some of the more "human" places like castles, cathedrals and monuments, so if any of you would like to see some of those please let me know :)