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Found 2 results

  1. The Touch of the Stars

    From the album Paintings

    The stars have always had a value of hope to me, so touching the stars would be like gaining back hope after being stuck in a dark place for such a long time.

    © x_bluejay_x

  2. On my Spirituality

    I listed this on my profile but I wanted to go in more detail On my spirituality in general: I don't really believe in a 'god' but I believe the universe itself might be sentient. My reasoning for thinking that is because of the intelligent design found in galaxies, planets and star systems, and of course, on earth. It's like the universe made a conscious effort to make it work that way. It's way too coincidental that everything is just right for earth to have life like this. I just see way too many coincidences that go on in my life. Coincidences such as small, minor things popping up in my life that I was just thinking about for no reason. A few examples would be when I was around 10 years old and I was thinking of an old show I didn't see. Suddenly, I would see someone mention the show out of the blue with no reason for it to be brought up. By itself, it seems coincidental but once the coincidences keep piling up over the years, I really get the sense that the universe is onto something. I have a few small prophetic dreams of the next day sometimes, such as someone upsetting me. Most of the time when I wake up from the dream I prepare myself for the disappointment. Something that happen a year ago was when two of my great grandmas who were born a couple of weeks apart also died a few weeks apart in different countries without knowing the other died. I'm really scientific and logical but circumstances has made me think that unexplained phenomenons such as souls, past lives and coincidences can be explained with quantum mechanics/physics. But humans can't understand it because it literally has its own laws of physics. The universe is inheritedly neutral, but life would perceive it as chaotic because of how dangerous it is a whole. Supernovas, asteroids, natural disasters, disease, radiation and a bunch of other things. The universe just is. It doesn't care about good or bad. I do believe in karma and some sort of judgement. But it's based on the law that states that when there's force, an equal amount of force is pushed back towards you. (I can't remember what it's called.) I don't know if the universe itself can be judged, but the universe IS pretty cruel.So my beliefs are very similar to buddhism in a way, and it works for me. On my therianthropy/otherkinity: If you put to consideration the mass of conservation which states that matter can't be created or destroyed, your life energy can't just disappear when you die. And since it is energy, it has no real form however it might take the form of the body that you inhabit and that can leave an imprint or memory on the soul. So, I'm left with my two types...but there are probably more that I can't find.