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  1. Ravenna Freyasdottir


    I really want to join a wolfkin/therian pack, but I can only find one online and it has been inactive since 2013. Are there any not through discord or tumblr that I could join?
  2. Dinocanid

    Pup log | Wolfkin

    My log for my wolf kintype, called pup or puppuh (pupper) by my other kintypes. This is being posted on mobile, so I'll come back and edit in the usual formatting later on. Biology: - Exact subspecies of wolf is unknown - Had black-phased fur coloration Speculation: - Presumably...
  3. Wolfie Atsuko


    Hello! I'm Wolfie. I'm kind of new to this community, I've known I was a White Arctic Wolf for a long time..but I never knew anyone who understood me. Does anyone want to be friends? I'm 17. Punk. And my pronouns are He/They. Thank you c: