(10-24-15) Updates!


irl sonic
Staff member
Wow, it seems like almost every other day we're updating the site. Cool, huh? Here's another small update:

  • Up to nine (9) items will now display on your post bit. The items will now appear smaller here and on your main profile, but will appear full view in your inventory.
  • We have merged "The Wildfire" with "Defending Your Territory" in an effort to reduce clutter on the forums. We have also introduced new thread prefixes to accommodate this change.

    Regarding Defending Your Territory, please read this post ASAP.

[*]Several server updates have been performed to make Kinmunity faster and more secure.

[*]We have gotten in touch with Hotmail/Outlook/Live/Microsoft yet again about them arbitrarily rejecting our emails and have been again taken off of their reject list. Our IP address and domain name have a good sender score and reputation, yet Microsoft seems to be arbitrarily deciding not to deliver some of our mails. As a result, we recommend our users don't use Hotmail/Live/Outlook.com email addresses and instead change to a different service in case they do this again. This has been the second time.

[*]We now have the ability to sell "item packs" in the KinCash shop. You can think of these as trading card packs. While we have no items using this system yet, we have many planned!
Looking good, Shiro, these are some helpful updates.

I noticed that the items appear smaller in the box earlier, and I think it looks a bit more streamlined. It compliments the space better. Good work!



Thanks for the heads up, Shiro, and thanks for keeping everything up to date!

Regarding email issues, I did also notice some trouble with Gmail. I was technically getting notifications, but they were all being sent to my junk folder. I have no idea why this was happening, as I never personally reported anything as spam. It just suddenly started happening one day. I'm not sure if this is even related or if it may just be a random fluke, but I figured I should still let you know about it.


Shiro said:
Please mark these emails as "not spam" and please forward your most recent notification email to shiro@kinmunity.com and I will work with gmail to resolve the problem. Thanks!
I went ahead and forwarded the most recent notification, per your request. I don't seem able to mark the emails as "not spam," as I already used my email client to set Kinmunity emails as "VIP." I'm not sure if that affects anything on Gmail's end or not.