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(10-26-15) Site Updates

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Oct 26, 2015.

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    We release updates so much that this probably isn't even news to anyone, but this update includes bug fixes, and over 100 new smileys, so why not?
    • Hundreds of new emoji-style smileys have been added! The following new categories will appear in the smiley selector:
      • Emoji (Smilies)
      • Emoji (Extended)
      • Emoji (Symbols)
      • Emoji (Time)
      • Emoji (Places)
      • Emoji (Travel)
      • Emoji (Human)
      • Emoji (Food)
      • Emoji (Clothes)
      • Emoji (Space)
      • Emoji (Buttons)
    • Several bugs with our Social Groups system have been fixed!
      • A bug that occurred in certain situations when deleting calendar events has been patched.
      • The "groups" tab will no longer show on the profiles of users who are not a member of any groups, rather than displaying the "loading..." text infinitely.
      • The events system in the group will now respect the correct timezone.
      • The "watch category" button has been fixed.
    • As usual, several security and stability related updates have been applied to help improve your experience.
      • Kinmunity now uses Domain Keys Identified Mail with Author Domain Signing Practices, along with Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance.
        • We now digitally sign and authenticate all outgoing email. This allows email providers to verify mail was sent from us, and will hopefully prevent stupid providers like Outlook/Live from arbitrarily blacklisting us in the future.
        • We now instruct (ask) email providers to reject mail that cannot be authenticated by us. This will help protect you from phishing emails claiming to be from us.
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