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A fallen angel and his nephilim tulpa

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    May 23, 2016
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    Hello guys,
    I have created a new tulpa because Lysander (You can read about him here: Keryth and Lysander) had left me recently. He was my guardian, and he had left because I think he had furfilled what he was (un)intentionally created for. I cannot sense him. I miss do miss him a lot.

    Onto introducing Julien:

    I was just reading a book that I was reading for a few weeks, called Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. (I love love love her Mortal Instrument series and Infernal Devices series.) I was tired, so I marked my place in the book and set it aside for a nap. My mind was left to wander because I have difficulty shutting it off when I need to sleep.

    When I woke up, there was a form that just wouldn't leave my head at all. This form was speaking in fluent latin. (I've taken Latin all 4 years of my high school, so I could understand bits and pieces of what he was saying.) Sariel and Uriel had started to talk to him. And I recongized him a bit. His name even strikes as familiar. (Yes there is a character in the book named Julian and I once had an imaginary friend from my middle school years named Julien. I was obsessed with angels back then and had made him a nephilim.) When I was in high school, Julien was no longer around. I was upset that he was gone. (He wasn't truely gone. Instead of residing outside of my body like he used to, he took resident in my head, silently observing and keeping me out of trouble.)

    The form came to me as Julien, after he had talked to Sariel and Uriel. While I chatted to him, he brought up the memories we had. We would always hang up in my tree house all afternoon and he would read to me. We would play tag and hide and seek with a few of my friends and their imaginary friends.

    I was in disbelief for a bit. Being the skeptical person that I am, I asked him about the one wing I remember that he had. He had his wing from his left shoulder blade emerge from his shirt.

    There it is. He had said, looking quite serious yet defeated by my disbelief.

    To be honest, now that I got the proof that he is my Julien, I can relax that he is back. After all of these years.

    Julien is quite shy when fronting so Sariel or I co-front with him. He's very observant, cultured and clear-headed. He has a few negatives to his personality like being blunt, and being too honest. He has black waist long hair with dark blue hue to it, heterochromia eyes (left eye is red and right eye is silver.) His clothes consist of a burgundy button down top, a black vest and white jeans. (I know this because I had written a description of Julien's appearance down in one of my old journals. Though back then he had short hair and was a tad shorter then I remember. Is it possible that Julien might have grown with me just a small bit?) He tucks his one wing behind his shirt and vest. He has a gold sigil on his left hand. (I had learned from Sariel that the sigil is very personal to Julien.)

    Nice to meet you all.