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A group for other-hearted people.

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    I'm kind of unconcerned about calling anything a heartedtype, but that's basically what these are. They're animals or characters I feel very attached to and obsess over and identify with. To me, I guess I could describe this more along the lines of "this character/animal/thing owns my heart" rather than anything specifically following how otherhearted is typically defined. The community definition just doesn't really make all that much distinctive sense to me, so the label itself isn't important, but if I were to call it such, this is what it feels like for me and how I define it.

    TL;DR list before I expand:
    -Lucifer representations
    -Hermione Granger
    -Susan Sto-Helit
    -Henry Morgan

    That odd intro out of the way, the easy one is my insta-connection to any and all representations of Lucifer in fiction. Suddenly shows up as a minor character in Baccano! ? Boom, my fav, I will protect it. Majorly unlikeable villain with cheesy, cringeworthy edgy sympathy-for-the-devil lines? Whoops. Protagonist? Sign. Me. Up. Character with a similar personality/definitely a reference? Yep, even them.

    Then there's my ongoing dragon obsession, because dragons are awesome. I have been drawing and writing and reading about them for a loooooong time. I think part of this connection does come from my kintype, and I remember being inordinately excited when I figured out that the serpent in the garden of Eden in Genesis could have been a dragon since it didn't lose its legs until after the Fall. Like, really excited. All I was thinking was "dragons in the Bible!!" and kind of missed the whole Satan part whoops.

    I also really love Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She's basically me in personality, looks, character, everything. A pretty simple identification with her and her life. I love Hermione from Harry Potter and Susan Sto-Helit from the Discworld series for pretty much the same reasons. All three characters are near and dear to my heart. If I were tumblrkin I'd be fictionkin with them.

    Last is Henry Morgan from the show Forever. I always love immortal characters in any kind of work. Again, something else that I think comes from my kintype is this identification with how immortality is experienced. Whereas I feel for most people it's more a typical "wow cool thing to think about this perspective and so well represented I can suspend disbelief", for me it's more a case of "I relate to this struggle so strongly it makes my heart hurt, even though I'm obviously not immortal as a human."
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    Update: I cannot believe I forgot the OTHER character I strongly identify with for reasons related to kinself: Anakin Skywalker. So he's on the list as well.
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