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A list of triggers maybe?

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Celestial Draconian Queen 🌔
I believe we could all benefit from having a trigger list, like topics to avoid. For example, I can’t hear or see the word psycop\\th without being thrown in a state of panic and anger, since I’m schizophrenic and the word has bad attachment to it. Maybe others can’t hear certain things or listen to certain topics either as it would hurt them so.

If it could be implemented maybe it could be pinned in the scent rolling forum so others could see it or somewhere in the guidelines? It doesn’t have to be added if it’s not necessary! ^.^



I don't want to rain on your parade, but...I really don't like the idea of a trigger list... Please understand that I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just really against the idea personally.

I don't know how this would work out. There are things that I've seen on this site in particular that gave me bad, uncomfortable vibes but... I rather not have a site wide trigger list because I REALLY do not want to have to regulate what I talk about even more than I already do now. I don't know how others may feel about it. Hmmm... but I guess it depends on what you mean by its implication. Is it going to be a new rule that everyone must follow when posting new threads or comments? Or is it a personal matter for those who wish to speak with you privately?

The problem I noticed with trigger lists is that people will have rules, like not allowing others to talk about birds because their kintype is a mouse or something. I don't want to see this site become a place like that... I, myself, get a bit uncomfortable with the term "weird" but I wouldn't want a rule where you can't type the word or have to censor it because it can offend someone...

A trigger list, yeah I'll get behind that as long as it doesn't regulate what people can talk about on this website as a whole.

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The Wolf Girl
Staff member
Transgender Pride
Historically, Kinmunity has been against the idea of trigger lists and forbidding discussion on an arbitrary basis. These lists are known to get long and illogical quite fast, and arbitrarily limit a community's discussion based on the needs of a few or one member. A study was done at Harvard last year in which it was found that trigger warnings actually do more harm than good for a person's mental well-being. The site does have ignore list functionality that can be used to block users who post content that makes you uncomfortable; and a user will never know that you have ignored them. I have considered the idea of adding a per-user configurable filter, but I ultimately decided against it because it could seriously fragment discussion and be detrimental to people's mental health.

I hope you still feel welcome on Kinmunity and continue to use the site, and you can definitely reach out to any member of our staff team if you need anything!  :ClosedGrin:

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