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A question about names


What's the difference between Otherkin and Therians? I understand what fictokin are (They're people like InkyDaily if I'm understanding correctly). Also, what are systems?
I know this is a lot, but I'm really trying to learn and those terms get thrown around so often. If there's anything else I missed, can you please explain those as well?


A Lizardy Cat
Staff member
Community Manager
Otherkin are people who identify as non-human. It's often used for non-human creatures which don't exist on earth, although is also a catch all umbrella term that can include therians and non-human fictionkin.

Therians are people who identify as non-human earthly animals. Anything which is known to exist or have existed on earth, such as lions, wolves, dinosaurs, etc...

Fictionkin are people who identify as a character or a race/species from fiction.

Systems refer to more than one person sharing a single body.

Our Library articles are back up now so you can find some useful info there. :) Here are a couple of articles and you can find more by clicking the Resources link up top.
Terminology: Terminology & Lexicon
Plural Systems: A Guide to Multiplicity


Machairodont Felid
As @Velvet said, the term "otherkin" largely refers to non-animal types of "otherness" with what is called "therian" being a subset of that, @Leaniz.

Therians and therianism are both interrelated as their name applies and both have "theriotypes", or the manifestation of an animal through them. However, therians are not explicitly spiritual, whereas therianism is a type of belief. One can be either or as well as both.

"Otherness", as the term goes, is something I have used to describe the collective whole in the way many do otherkin. Just that I believe it is a broader, more accurate term as it incorporates everything even outside of "kintypes", say those who are "animal-hearted", "systems", or who have "coping links", etc. It simply means anything that is non-mundane, non-normative, without the implications any "'kin" suffix brings with it which is not always applicable.