A Way to Disable Fun & Games from All Activity

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I don't know if it bothers others but I'm tired of looking through the recent posts just to be swarmed with things from the Fun & Games category. It's like an endless scroll just to see if anyone made a post in Scent Rolling or The Clearing. Yes, I could go through each category and look for recent threads but the ability to know what was posted across the forum (that isn't just from Fun & Games) saves a lot.

I miss a handful of new posts from other sections of the forum because of this and it's quite a hassle to try to cycle through all "The last one to comment on this thread wins!" posts just to get to something else.

So, is it possible to implement a way to manually block certain sections from appearing when looking through All Activity? I don't see any option on the site that allows me to do so. As much as I like Fun & Games I believe it drowns out the important conversations that get lost in the sea.



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This is essentially already implemented because users can create custom feeds, so I am marking it as such!

I've also disabled the reaction system in that area.

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