A way to have guests not see your stuff

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I was browsing in the settings, figuring out how to use the site, and I noticed you cannot block anyone...   I read a recent suggestion where someone mentioned a new blocking setting... and I do agree that since it is not a social site, that that does not need to be added.  However, there is a person on here, FoxChi I believe...  said that their parents are stalking their account as a guest, or at least that was implied. And I feel that that would be a safe thing to have.  I think that there should be a way to block guest from seeing or looking at your post, especially for that kind of situation.  And it would also be for safety.  What do you guys think?



I'm pretty sure there is a way to block your account from guests' view?
Go to your profile, click "Edit Profile," scroll all the way down - there'll be a thing called "Privacy."



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As was mentioned by Addy and bhiurd, we have a setting that allows your profile to be members-only, so I’m going to lock this.

Thank you!

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