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Ability to Sign In to Multiple Accounts


With the recent relaxation onusing multiple accounts, we were thinking of setting up a separate account for my headmates to be able to chat with. However, the thought that having to sign in and out of each account in succession seemed a bit cumbersome, especially for some of my headmates who have difficulties working with computers at times. That's when we thought it'd be a good idea to allow folks to be signed in to more than one account at a time, so that we can easily swap between accounts, similar to how Google or Twitter does this.


The Wolf Girl
Staff member
Polyamorous Pride
Transgender Pride


If you're running Firefox or have access to it you can easily use the multi-account containers exctension, my system's used it for a few months now and it's great for using multiple accounts. With Chrome there's also a way to have multiple versions of Chrome with different Google sign ins, but I can't completely remember how to do it and it's limited to a max of 5/can be inconvinent if you want to sync.

That being said I'd still be good for those on mobile or who can't access those options