Adding a science and education based den? 🧬

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I noticed we have a den for qualified researchers to post studies, but we don’t have any specific den to discuss science related things that are specific to the otherkin community. Perhaps more educational and science talk would help others introspect better and we could make theories to question the realities of our identities. For example, talking about the historical studies of reincarnation and soul departure, animal instinct and behavior, geology of our planet or other worlds, multiverse and astronomical theories, or just environmental science. 

It does not have to be implemented if it isn’t necessary, however it’s just an idea I thought of. ^.=.^ 🐉🧬🧪🦠



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I would absolutely support the general idea of having more scientific talk! But there are several ways to do so, e.g. also a club could be one way.



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A subsection dedicated to the sciences with the qualified, research based portion could be very beneficial. I have no shortage of reference or literature on a number of topics that may prove useful, at least to those who have interests similar to mine. If others even only have tangential pieces to add that is still more than the alternative of not.

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