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Deleted member 55982

Confused. *Things have been lining up weirdly and I'm questioning things.*I'm starting to see that my Vulture Cladotherian identity doesn't fully lineup as a meLike they are apart of me but not me?

I started looking into species' again (just because something just feels off? I've tried to ignore it) and the patterns of identities that I felt were mine but didn't fit completely? My whole journey as a Therian has a pattern and Vulture doesn't seem like it equates to the handful of identities I have held closely.

I ran into the Lykoi Cat species and did some research and it just made sense?

I connected with the Vulture out of this interest during a point in my life. It was a symbol of everything I wanted to manifest as I started over. Ever since then it has been symbolic for me. I started seeing Vulture's at convenient times in my life and they would always be in overabundance.

This kind of just feels like it lands itself in like a category of a Totem/Spirit Animal? Or maybe something other-hearted? Like - it's you but also separate?

What do you all think?

Pretty sure the Lykoi species is new? Or at least - from what I have been told? So I am beyond confused on how I could possibly connect so well? All my previous identities that I held line up with this species?

Is it worth even considering?

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Machairodont Felid
One of the most notable differences I have come across in my journey related to this community that one can be a part of something without being that thing. I mean this in the less obvious sense than one might take that as a definition of what makes an "otherkin" and in this context, that means a "heart-type". It also appears, at least in the way the text is structured for the question, that this is also a matter of coping-link.

So this brings me to my general conclusion on the matter and answering of it this way. If it is not what one is, distinct from identifies as, it is a coping-link in this case, which appears to be born of a "heart-type" relationship. This is how it can easily be the "you" without being the self, because it is an aspiration, affinity for, and association of this thing, rather than the thing itself. An example of this would be explaining it that the clade is the "hearted" quality and the attachment is a coping-link. Again, because this always bears mention, this does not diminish the importance of it; anything that is legitimately meaningful in its content to the individual holds value unto them. Just because it is not otherkin or not traditionally therian does not mean it is automatically somewhere else in their hierarchy - it is just different from them, that is all.

The totem example, rather really spirit animal, is much more accurate in the sense of the above because it embodies that which was described. One can too be that thing for themselves - at least so far as I am concerned, I am, in that I am not just a sabertooth cat, it embodies me and I it, and while I feel a connection to all cats, I reflect they are not me and I am not them, rather I am simply part of that constellation of various species, even across time.

With regard to the Lykoi cat, it is a breed of house cat with a naturally occurring mutation that gives it the distinctive appearance it is known for, the "werewolf cat". What this means is that humans did not breed, thus did not artificially select for, this mutation into existence and have only since it arose began to propagate and cultivate it. As a result, this is more or less the same as having a relationship to the self and expression of it as any other house cat. I mean that in no demeaning way either too, I simply mean that as if one generally accepts that as possible, then there is no conflict here even if the Lykoi is relatively new. So far as temporal issues go with its recency, that all depends upon how one construes and visualizes time and rationalizes it to themselves. For someone who is spiritually therian, who engages in therianism, time is irrelevant because the extraordinary transcends time. For someone more grounded and adamant in say, treating a theriotype as an expression of neurodiversity and mental state of being, quantum mechanics make for a good argument there. So on down the line, I hope it is obvious, that recency is not exactly an issue depending upon what one believes, but only you can answer that for yourself there.


Deleted member 55982

UPDATE |Took a step back from any Otherkin / Therian social media to think.Confirmed that my Vulture identity is actually my kith. Deeply confused on who/what I am inside though.It's like I am going in circles ha. Maybe because now I feel like being kith is not enough to be validly apart of this community that I love so much? I just wish I could go back to being Vulture Therian ;/